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List of Toribash usergroups, titles, positions and their privileges

You can find an up-to-date list of current staff groups here, and a more complete list including all ex-staff here.

Normal users

These are the most basic users in Toribash. Most of their positions don't give them much power. They are usually marked by a maroon name. There are a few kinds of users in this group:
  • Unregistered users (Can use the bare minimum of forum and game faculties)
  • Users awaiting email confirmation (Can not post on forums until proper registration through email confirmation.)
  • Registered users (Can use basic forum and game faculties.)
  • Forum VIP users (People with even more access and privledges.)
  • Suspended/Banned users (People that have been suspended from forum access. For the length of their ban they may not access the forums or Multiplayer)

1. Unregistered Users
These users can only access the bare minimum of forum and ingame faculties. They may not make new posts, make new threads, edit posts or otherwise edit the forum. They may not access Multiplayer ingame and can only play single player.

2. Registered Users
These users can access the basic the functions of the forums and multiplayer. They can access multiplayer, and can make/edit posts and threads that they have created. They can see all unhidden/unlocked forum boards and threads/posts. Registered users can apply for other positions.

4. VIP
Users with VIP are given even more privileges.
They have following privileges:
Forum VIP - What exactly is Toriprime & VIP?

5. Suspended/Banned
These users have no access to the forums or multiplayer until their suspension lifts. Suspension is usually due to infraction build up. The length can vary depending on the magnitude of the act. More information on bans/infractions can be found here and here.

Forum Moderators

These users moderate the forums. Some may moderate the game and the forums.
The people we will explore in this category are as the following, in order:

  • Local moderators (These users moderate a specific part of the forums)
  • Clan Squad (Oversee the ecosystem of toribash's clan system, including voting on clans applying to become official. Can alter ToriClan details.)
  • Market Squad (These users moderate the Market, and can infract people in the Market section)
  • Super Moderators (These users moderate the whole forums and can infract people. They have full admin in-game)
  • Administrators (These users moderate the forums and can edit usergroups and can infract people and also ban IPs)
  • Item forgers (These users make new items and content for the game)
  • Developers (These users manage the site and have full access to the website, effectively being the highest position)
  • Help Squad (These users have lmod in the "Help" and are a helping hand to the community)

1. Local Moderators
These users can edit posts in their respective boards, delete posts/threads, make sticky threads and otherwise watch over and moderate the the boards they were assigned.

2. Clan Squad
This group manages clan policy, handles the process of unofficial clans applying to become official, can edit ToriClans (and are therefore your port of call for issues regarding this), and are also involved in the moderation of the Clans board. These users are involved with the creation and operation of clan events. Marked by a black and bold name. They are run by Erth, an administrator.

4. Market Squad
These users regulate the Market. They have moderator status in the Market and can infract people there. They are marked by a bold and green name. They are run by Creati0n

5. Super Moderators
These users moderate the whole forum and have moderator status in all boards. They can infract and ban users and are sometimes given other special jobs. SMods are the most general staff group, handling moderation in all areas as well as dealing with general reports.

6. Administrators
These users moderate the forums, but have access to higher commands. They can IP ban and edit usergroups, and are sometimes put in charge of other moderating groups. They will sometimes deal with larger scams and bigger problems than a Super Moderator can handle. Admins are also involved with higher decisions regarding community policy etc. This group is responsible for the management of various other staff groups.

7. Item forgers
These users are in charge of making new items, colors, hair and working with (generally cosmetic) innovations as they are added to the game. Questions or suggestions should be directed here.

8. Developers
They do the behind the scenes work required to make the game itself work, and to fix it when it doesn't. Note that site developers aren't developers (see other members section).

9. Help Squad
They moderate the "help" section of the forum. If you have questions, they are the ones to go to. Run by Tyzi

In-game Moderators

These users moderate the game. Some users may moderate both the game and the forums.

The users we will observe in this category are as follows, in order
  • Event Squad (They have in-game Admin powers, they host events in-game. These guys should be ready to help users ingame when needed. This usergroup is a re-design of the old GameMasters)
  • Event Squad Trials (They have in-game half-operator powers, they host events in-game alongside full even squad members, they are in training but can still handle small cases)
  • SMods (They handle more complex cases, and anything which ends up in general reports)
  • Clan Squad(This groups role ingame is to respond to clan war issues.)
  • Market Squad(This group has ingame admin to help them resolve scam cases and remove banned users from ingame lobbies)
  • Other ingame admins { Administrators, Developers }

1. Event Squad (*)
This usergroup is a re-design of the old GameMaster group.
They host in-game events (Tourneys, Hotseat servers, GMbetting servers) and forum events. ES form the forefront of the staff - their general role is discussed in more detail here. ES are your first port of call for minor issues you may have ingame. More complex cases are dealt with by smods in the case of a general report (harassment etc.) or by the market squad for scam cases. They are led by Sir

2. Event Squad Trials (%)
These are Event Squad members in training. They host in-game events while being supervised by a full ES member. They normally don't moderate anything but can handle very easy cases (in other words, cases which only require an ingame warning). They also only have half-op ingame, meaning that a user with full op (@) will have more power than them.

3. SMods (~)
As well as general site moderation, this usergroup also handles general (not scam!) reports.

4. Clan Squad (^)
They handle clan war issues, such as one party refusing to complete a war, flaming, OP abuse etc.

5. Market Squad ($)
This group has ingame admin to manually administrate users ingame after handling scam cases.

6. Other In-Game admins
These users are other staff that deal mostly with the site but have powers in-game.
They are:
- Administrators (~)
- Developers (~)

Other members

These users are everything I didn't cover. They have other staff positions that don't really go into a category.

  • IRCop
  • Site developers
  • ToriLegend

1. IRCop
IRC admins, their power is well documented in the unrealIRCd documentation (link), and you can see operator commands with the /helpop command.
You can get more information on IRC here.

2. Site Developers
They keep the forum working/update it. They don't have any ingame powers or forum powers.

3. ToriLegend
Outstanding community members. These are the users who were exceptional enough to be marked as Legends. They also have their own personal board where they answer questions from the public. A full list of users who have achieved the Legend status can be found here.
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