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Secure Passwords & Staying Hack-Safe
Create a unique, complex password.

Your password is the very first and most important step towards protecting your account.

Take advantage of the things that are available, use the available keys that means qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnmQWERTYUIOPASDFGHJKLZXCVB [email protected]#$%^&*() that should be enough. Toribash's passwords are also case-sensitive, That means you could put a capital letter after every small case letter, or mix it up. Your password should be at least 8 characters long if you can remember. If you can't put a sticky note somewhere. But someone just you can get at ;). So don't just put maniamsocool, mix it up! MaNiAmsocOOL or even [email protected][email protected]$oc00L think you could guess that?
To test the strength of your password, visit the Microsoft Password Checker. Try making your password as random/variant as possible. This adds to the overall strength of your password, thus making it hack-proof.

How to change your password:

You see that thing just under the Toribash banner on the top? Look at the black bar directly below it and the "Toribash Community" text. It says "User CP".

Click that. Look at the side bar, and find "Edit Email and Password". Follow the instructions. Putting a valid email in to make it shut up is a good idea too. It must be a VALID email. This will help us recover your account if it is hacked, EVEN IF THE EMAIL IS CHANGED.

Why is this a good idea:

If you think it's not a good idea, or just a waste of time, I'll ask you: Why should we help you with a hacked or compromised account if your password was about as secure as a wet tissue? If you want good assistance, having a strong password, a valid email address, or some other proof of ownership is a good idea.

If you get hacked and you have a stupid password it's like leaving your keys in the car ignition every day and leaving the doors unlocked: It's going to get stolen, and you'll probably never see it again.

Secure your computer itself.

To make sure your password is protected. Your computer needs to be protected. For instance right now you could have a downloaded a file that had a key logger on it. The key logger would install itself and start. For those that don't know a key logger logs everything you type. That means your credit-card everything.

If you share a computer with someone, don't give away the password. What happens when you get in a fight and you both tromp of in rage. One to the tv and one to the computer? She/he gives out your info. So don't ever give it out even to someone that you share a comp with.

Run a computer scan frequently and you should be fine.

Love thy neighbor, but never trust them.

About 76% of identity thieves are someone you know. (Source) Create a password and don't tell anyone. Not your friend, nor your girlfriend/boyfriend/dog/cat/husband/wife/son/daughter/cousin. No one. If your friend(s) starts to whine that you don't trust her/him, tell them that you are working on matters of National Security and, by not telling her/him your password, you're protecting them from getting killed. Bottom line is, don't get pressured into giving up your information.

But I don't want to give you my email because you'll sell it to email spammers for lots of money.

Wow, you're extremely paranoid. We don't sell your email address to anyone. Just do it, it provides a good way of retrieving your password if you get hacked, or getting account ownership restored. If you have a valid email, I for one would not be unhappy to return its email address to what it used to be and let you recover the password.

But then people who sell accounts can scam me by getting their accounts back.

Last I checked, we banned the selling of accounts. Why are you doing things that are against the rules?


Phishing involves the user to give out hints at their passwords or give it away in general. This also includes all those shady programs claiming to give you SUPER FULL DEMON AND 1000000000 TC. You just need to give out your username and password. These are scams. Don't ever trust any of them.

Due to the masses of people that are being hacked/phished/scammed. This is to potentially help those people into protecting their accounts.

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