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Reporting Using the Scam Sub-Forum

How to Use the Scam Sub-Forum

The new scam sub-forum has been made to handle market related scams;
it has a dedicated staff team working on it that includes Torishop administrators.
Reporting scams has never been easier thanks to this;
you can report trade scams, duel scams, links to websites you find to be suspicious (such as providing free Toricredits) and any other market related scams.

Reporting a Scam
When you want to report a scam, first read the thread you can see at the top of the board, it explains how to properly format your report.
To report you can simply start a new thread.
When you look at the board you will see no threads, this is because you can only see your own threads on this board.
Post in the given format only after allowing for the accused scammer to respond.

To make sure you have given time for the accused to respond, you should only post once you have:
  • Waited at least 24 hours.
  • Checked to see if they have been on the forums lately. (see their profile and view the time of their last activity)
  • Give them time to complete the transaction.
  • Tried sending a personal message to them.

The Report Formats Explained

Duel & Trade Report format
. . . . .Items/TC lost:
Exactly what you lost in this scam, if you didn't loose anything you can leave this blank, for duels put the amount of TC lost.

. . . . .The perpetrator (if you know who did it):
Who scammed you, if you don't know that's OK, and if it was multiple accounts please list all user names. (for instance in suspected minion bidding in auctions)

. . . . .What I was offered:
What the scammer offered you, in the case of a duel you can leave this blank.

. . . . .What I offered:
What you offered the scammer in return, for duels again leave this blank.

. . . . .The proof (screenshots or links):
Remember that you do need to prove this happened, you should if you can always use the forum to arrange deals, via post or PM, because these can be checked by moderators to be valid. For duel scams make sure to use things like the /set command to screen shot the sever settings.

. . . . .Any additional info:
Anything you think is relevant.

Suspicious Link Report Format
. . . . .Screenshot of link, if in-game:
Copying text in game is a pain, it's easier to take a screen shot (F8 or Alt+PrntScrn) and upload it, check this thread for posting images. (Example (bonus points for the funny MSN face in the background and ms-paint style censorship.))

. . . . .Link to post, if on the forums:
It would be nice if you could use the quote tool to grab the link and provide the context in which it is linked, to do this just click 'quote' on the bottom right of the post, then copy the text provided and paste it into your report. (quoting the link is not necessary)

. . . . .The perpetrator (if you know who did it):
Whoever posted the link.

Example of a Trade Scam Report
Originally Posted by Xcaliber2234
Items/TC lost: 20k in tc
The perpetrator (if you know who did it): MTspence
What I was offered: Full 128x128 texture set (without head)
What I offered: 20k, 1 Aqua trail, 1 Gold trail, and marine blood
The proof (screenshots or links): http://img255.imageshack.us/f/possiblescam2.png/
Any additional info: My friend xXWildCardXx was the one that told him what i was offering because i couldn't atm..

Example of a Duel Scam Report

Example of a Suspicious Link Report

Last Thing

Learn to use the transaction history and inventory, by adding a user-name to the end of any of these links you can view that data of any user.

Transaction History: http://forum.toribash.com/tori_trans_hist.php?username=
Deactivated Inventory: http://forum.toribash.com/tori_inventory.php?username=
Activated Inventory: http://forum.toribash.com/tori_inven...d=-1&username=

If you decide to make useless threads in this forum, expect to receive an infraction. This is your only warning, don't waste our time.
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