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a thought experiment
how about this for a hypoethical bombshellular conundrum crafted by satan to blow your balls off (nuts too) and keep you tossing and turning at night for the rest of your days (warning do not read this if you are prone to mind seizures or cerebrohernias cuz this is going to fuck u up for EVER)

ok guys consider this: you are a nanomodular hyper-deathbot crafted by the galaxy renowned psychomechanic, Jean-Pierre "La Patite" Gatineau, in the year 7546 A.D. (one thing to note, this thought experiment takes place in 13251 A.D, making you 5705 years old. keep in mind you are in dire need of a high carbon density cyano-oil change but the only man capable of doing this has been dead for over 3800 years) (Jean-Pierre "La Patite" Gatineau was the ripe age of 2153 when you were made, and tragically killed in a cybermobile accident on 15/12/9409)

all of a sudden you are transported in to the PRESENT DAY (2020 for those reading from the future) toribash world. what would u do and where do u get your well deserved servicing? (not a sexual joke i don't mean servicing in the sexual way that's just messed up... i mean where do you get your high carbon density cyano-oil changed not anything sexual i sware...)

also i am going by earth years in this thought experiment but you can convert it to what ever date system you are familiar with

also does anyone know how to recover a lost instagram account i don't remember my password
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689 Kirsten Green, Suite 704, 11547, Toyshire, Wyoming

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part of the uri-nation
you clean your ears with a toothpick while listening to explosive diarrhea blood rectum metal
toyshire huh

funny i was just there for a family reunion 2 months ago (demon and i are 2nd cousins twice removed). it was there where we engaged in spiritual bonding and gave blood offerings to the statue of a black bear (we’re native americans).

though we dont go around sharing this type of info to random strangers i assume you gained this information through illegal methods and we do not condone this behavior. since you have committed this heinous crime you must now stand trial. the council of the animal gods (The Eagle, The Wolf and the Black Bear) will serve as judge, jury, and executioner.
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689 Kirsten Green, Suite 704, 11547, Toyshire, Wyoming

ThaBigOne2932 (Incorrect password? Ask for an e-mail to be sent to reset it.)

e6 moment