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long time player with a lot of possibly basic questions.
so i have some technical questions involving the ui, flame forge, etc and i've been asking around the servers with no luck. ill list the questions below

1.) what slider or combination of sliders allows me to make it look like a flame isnt interacting with my body? (trying to make a rain flame, cant find anyone to hire)

2.) im the leader of my clan but under my profile in game it shows im just a member, how to fix that?

3.) does anyone have a recommendation for a program i can use to make textures with transparent backgrounds or anyone i can hire for a quick job?

4.) what does a clan actually need to become official? its a bit unclear and i dont want to lose 20k because i didnt have all the info. for context my clan is max rank with around 40 members and a decent clan page and im pretty active in the community as a player

p.s if anyone can answer these and its helpful im happy to pay like 5k tc per question answered as long as its not against any rules
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