Just wondering, why is 1 qi 15kk if 15kk is worth $1500 and you can also buy 5k qi for $24?
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If you want to purchase Toriprime and VIP from here, but you don't have the TC, you can spend just $4,297,850 at the Torishop to get the TC you need.
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Paying to have Qi transferred with TC
You can have 1 Qi transferred from your account to another account of your choice for 500,000,000 TC

soo that mean i can sell Qi? If yes, how? O.o
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No, you cannot sell qi.

Admins, however, can have a whole qi transferred to your account for the low price of 500,000,000 TC.
why does the rules about Qi seem way over priced
i have 3193Qi
and to buy 1 single Qi i would need to win 30,000 500tc tourney's ,and after doing that would i not have (lets say about five people in each match) 153,193Qi ?
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it's a tc sink.

the point basically is to better the economy while supplying a small reward for helping the community..

also kinda a joke

Read this before posting please
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oh i see... i still think it's over priced xD
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