A replay I made a while ago but never posted on here. I thought it looked pretty bouncy when I watched it today
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nutted on her chin.rpl (424.8 KB, 49 views)
Start is cool, second setup was a bit wierd with the foot being contracted but understandable because of need to spin. Double leg cork or whatever to call it thing was cool. Yeah like, i don't find much within your replays i can negatively say anything about, because you refine yours to a very basic style (nothing negative it still looks cool as shit). But there's the thing, i lack the flare of a "ok wtf".

Otherwise i can't really complain about your replaymaking, you do cool shit that has minimum faults in them, just that there is very little aspect towards a distinctive style. If someone randomly sent that to me in a month or two i would have trouble with recognising who it's maker is.

I mean other than that backlash i love your stuff tbh, looks decently towards what a real human would do in some aspects.
Jun 2, 2023 - .best. day. ever.

yall have always been too scared of my raw power to comment

i see you quaking
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dont put me in a box.rpl (296.8 KB, 33 views)
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this combo in the trampoline is very nice moves

This post is


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My favourite trampoline replay I've done, decided to clean it up a lil.

For your eyes
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spicy trampoline combo.rpl (356.2 KB, 27 views)
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Glimpsed, have i ever said that i love you and your replays? For the love of god this is the best shit i've ever seen, please make full 2000 frame tramp combo