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Help please :)
Hello. I do not know if this the right topic and a place to write it, but if someone would be nice, I would ask you to SET MY FLAG in Toribash to Poland because I have no idea how to do it
This isn't the right place, you should use rapid threads instead.


About your question, all you need to do is clicking on your profile, enter your "User Control Painel", click on "Account Details" and then change your country code to whatever country you preffer.
I have searched every corner of the forum, and when I do what you say, I can see what is on screenshot- "N/A". How to edit it? Or maybe some admin will change it remotely? I say right away that I do not use any VPN, but I have classic router.
I woult like to be able to represent my country, I used to have a flag and it disappeared, but it was a few years ago, Now especially since I see more and more Polish players, which makes me very happy.

ScreenShot -->
so first you need to left click your profile at upper right corner then click user control pannel and account details after you just change country code