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Belts (Wearable items)
So, as you know, the Karate belt system, for most of the belts anyways, is implemented into the game such as, White belt, Yellow belt, Orange belt, ect. The interesting thing that came into my mind, is why are our Toris' themselves not wearing the belt prescribed to them? It would be amazingly cool, excuse my lack of words to use for that, to have belts in-game, that go around your Toris' waist. For example, you are able to have a white belt, as default, when you create your Tori, you are able to deactivate and reactivate it on the forums and such, and once you become, say the next belt, the White belt is no longer wearable, and orange belt is purchaseable in the shop, market. When you reach custom belt, aka, 20k QI, you could be able to edit the belt as you please, designs, colors, ect. Prices on such items, I cannot currently provide, considering I'm not swell when it comes to implementing new items.
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God belt is grey colour(unused colour),custom belt can be checkered

God belt can be unused and custom belt can be checkered

The God Belt can be a metallic gold and the custom belt can be customized/textured just as the body textures can.
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Yes great idea belts would be cool. How much would they cost?
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I would say the belts should be a shop item (not market) and should cost around either 2k or 5k each, can't decide .
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Well,would be better if it was on the head,saves trouble of blocking joints or stuff,e.g are below
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Totally support this, but I don't like the idea of having to pay for them. If you rank up, you shouldn't have to pay for a new belt. It should just be default that you change belt colors. Sweet idea.

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I think this should be incorporated into 4.4

Or 4.2

I think that the 1st Dan - 10th Dan should be black with that number of white stripes.

God should be a lighting colored yellow and blue like fused together

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supported its gonna lag the shit out of some computers but still it would be cool to have a belt on your tori as if real life
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