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Ranking Updates
This thread's purpose is to gather more thoughts on Matchmaking and how it should work.

Toribash development team is currently focused on making the Matchmaking system work as you would expect a proper matchmaking to, and we would like to make sure our current plans fit community's desires and views on it. Any thoughts and new ideas are welcome and will be considered.

What is currently planned to be implemented:

  • Ranked - a "first to 3" duel
    • No mod choice - players get to fight in randomly selected mods (mod changes each fight).
      Draft mod list: aikidobigdojo.tbm, taekkyon.tbm, lenshu3ng.tbm (or rk-mma.tbm), judofrac.tbm
    • Brown belt restriction
    • Seasonal rank resets (3 months for season length)
    • No daily rank 1 reward. Instead, weekly rewards for top n players or one-time reward at the end of the season.
    • Matchmaking being the only way to rank up.

  • Unranked - a "first to 2" duel
    • Pick the mod group to play
    • No belt restriction

We also plan to disable daily rank 1 rewards for now as it has turned into "farm rank without getting caught" fest.
It doesn't mean that everybody with top ranks farmed their way up, but Event Squad members have to deal with rank-related reports on almost a daily basis. We may still reward top players in some way.

EDIT (10/03/2017):
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Matchmaking mods have been changed, mod list now consists of "classic" mods.

Grappling: aikido.tbm, aikidobigdojo.tbm, greykido.tbm
Kicking: taekkyon.tbm, erthtkv2.tbm, kickbox.tbm
Striking: lenshu3ng.tbm, rk-mma.tbm, wushu3box.tbm

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This is what i've been suggesting for years so glad to see it actually happening... finally. But i think its missing a few things...

For a rank system to work, it needs people to play it. People will only play it if it has an attractive GUI and is properly advertised as the "real" toribash game. The rank system has to be the main purpose of the game for it to work. Things like emblems, badges etc are what the most successful rank systems use. This is because they are attractive and people become addicted to earning them.

Tier system
Tier systems are used now rather than a number ladder. League of legends has Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master, Challenger. In reality it is the same as a number system with elo but the player doesn't see any of that, and it is much more rewarding to get into the next skill group than just see a number shift up.



SC 2

Mod pool veto
Instead of having players forced into a random mod pool, you let them influence what ones they want. Have a mod pool total of 5 mods, with both players being allowed to ban one mod each. LOL has champion bans, CSGO map bans (top level), Hearthstone has deck bans (top level)

Mod pool rotation
New mods should be rotated into the pool every season, this is great for the mod developer community as it gives them a trial. If the mod is not enjoyed by players, it can simply be banned. This also keeps things fresh for the players.

Top Tier
In top tier(s) games there should be more advanced aspects, It should be a first to 5 instead of 3. CSGO has higher tick servers for pros. This is also an incentive to get to this rank.

Prizes and rewards are not needed if a rank system is done right. Finally managing to get that DMG badge in CSGO is way more rewarding than any prize even if it has no real value.

Overall i think there is a lot of work to be done, but it has to be done for a rank system to actually work. I am also assuming that the coding will actually work, and be tested before release and players will matched correctly. What mods are actually in the pool can be decided by a public poll. Brown belt may be to high of restriction but can be tested.

I have a few more ideas that I think make a rank system work, but this is the highest priority ones.
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All ideas there are good, especially random mods and making matchmaking the only way to rank up.

Something else that probably would help change the rank, currently the elo system is a little too complicated for alot of people, it all seems to be very random as you can win and don't rank up, or win and go 2000 ranks up in 1 game. It would probably be best to let the matchmake system only match you with players who have an elo of max 5-10 points lower or higher than yours, and changing the current way of ranking up, to just giving the person with the highest elo the highest rank.
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Looks better, I would implement Glicko-2 as the ranking system if possible

I would also make the season 6 months instead of 3

And erthtkv2 rather than taekkyon
I agree with fistoflifes post as well - its a good step and idea and very good for the game the main thing is to make sure its not rushed and has all the features it needs to be successful
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someone else mentioned something like this,i would also like
ranks for all mods BUT keep the random/non competitive mods
outside of the rewards.
If someone wants to be ranked and gets a comparison against a group
of a friends in a random mod,they should be able to do so.
I strongly believe that this is a reason for the decline in quantity
of mods,this could fix that.

About the group/tier idea,perhaps if there were belt ranks for each belt,
wouldn't that be like tiers?
example,being a black belt rank 1 and being custom belt rank 1 would
be 2 different tiers?

probably its not exactly the same since you can't drop in belt.
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[...]Something else that probably would help change the rank, currently the elo system is a little too complicated for alot of people, it all seems to be very random as you can win and don't rank up, or win and go 2000 ranks up in 1 game[...]

Why not using MMR and elo? Just like overwatch does!
rank 10 = 1ktc each week
rank 9 = 2ktc each week
rank 8 = 3ktc each week
rank 7 = 4ktc each week
rank 6 = 5ktc each week
rank 5 = 6ktc each week
rank 4 = 7ktc each week
rank 3 = 2ktc each day
rank 2 = 5ktc each day
rank 1 = 10ktc each day
maybe later
too much profits.
simply too much.
lets twist it a bit
rank 10-7:1k each week
rank 6-4:2k each week
rank 3-2:3k each 4 days
rank 1:4k each 3 days
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this looks promissing
I like that only matchmaking gives rank
I like that is based on a seasonal time span
Also random mods seem intresting and people would play more then 1 mod (abd)

Now about rewards...think of a way to reward more players not just the big dogs. The big dogs already know how to make tc. Maybe reward 5k if u play 1000 pr more games games in the season.

Other then that i think u did a great job making tc useless withe price lowering around 2 years ago now with the hair price lowering... it's simple, u don't haveto work for your items... now 90% of the items is junk with no value.daily sale etc. sht is to unstable

Hope the rank system will compensate for other things and make the game a bit more intresting and rewarding.
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How about a tournament for the top 32 by the end of each month?

then the 12 winners (after a year) have a "big" tournament with a decent prize :^)

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