Weekend Bash
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So WolverineWepX.

There's a big red button that says "New Thread" near the top of every subforums.
You know the part where you are looking at all the threads.

You'll see it.

What are sub forums I know thats a noob question but i mainly play the game, not talk online.
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My name is Ayane, I keep changing names as I move, I like having common names at the place I live in, My toribash username is alert242, as you can see and I got it by well, off the top of my head.

My belt in toribash is 3rd dan, and I am 18.

My current hobbies are playing Toribash, drawing anime and surfing the web.

Occupations:Well, I worked at a pizza place for a while, but it got too boring and the customers were snotty so I quit and now I work at a restaurant.

My goal, is to have fun in life. MY goals in toribash is to lead my clan to fame, become a well known player and to become a great member in the Toribash community by helping other new members, or any members with problems in Toribash.

About myself I am a very eccentric, crazy person but nice. I like to kickbox and play other people in kendo. If you get me annoyed I will get angry and try and beat the snot out of you, I am also, at times, random, not "funny" but I like to jump topics, go back to things that have just been done etc. I like to play FPS games and fighting games but I don't like seeing carnage, I am also related to king in U.K even though I don't even know about him. I also hate listening to people talk about themselves(I can't really say that anymore, but still...) I also hate ego eccentric people.

Why I joined ToribashI joined Toribash because I didn't really have anything to do, I learned of toribash through a guy on the website "Kongregate" which is an arcade site, I was looking at the comments to a game and this guy had a link that led me here. Then I started playing and got very addicted. I still play Toribash because it is a very fun game, and I enjoy playing other players in multiplayer and making moves, leading clan etc. I love the idea of the game and the fact that it actually works, unlike many other games.

Why I post on the forums:I like to post on the forums because it is fun, I like being able to communicate with other members as well as manage my clan on it. I also like posting on it because it keeps me aware of toribash updates, contests and other things. I also like to post in the forum because it can give you something to pass time. Like, I make free toribash videos, and without the forums I would have nothing to pass the time when I want to do something other than toribash. But to sum it all up, I like the forums because it is fun to see what other players are doing, I get to keep in contact with other members, I can manage a clan easier and it's fun to see what other people think.

Well, that's all about me.
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End of Week 5 and 6 are over. I am going to give out the winners in 48 hours... I am trying again to bring back the rule to not post in this thread since you guys are only new members and lack the forum expierence..
Hey guys,

im jesse. my username is jessebean because that is my first and last name. i was about to put a 13 after the name but then i thought "wow what a noob" so i stuck with jessebean. i always send 1k to everyone i flame for good sportsmanship. i am rich in this game because i have a job. i have the best job in the world, i work at a theme park. holiday world in santa claus indiana.im from kentucky but i work in indiana case im close to the border. i scoop ice cream for a livin. im on the hey monday street team. i advertise for this awesome band and dont get payed for it. i represent owensboro, ky. i joined toribash becuase of 1000oaks he goes to my school. he quit and gave me all his items. im a freshman at daviess county high school. i live with my grandparents because both of my parents were addiced to meth and my moms in jail and my dad is recovering.

so this is me



Greetings, I am known as Fedor Alexander Glazov (check the intials, my dear friend, and yes, that is my real name) to my friends and my enemies. But as long as I indulge myself in this sublime community, I insist that you call me by my pseudonym "Deprived", as is internet fashion. As you might have already guessed, with your oh so pressumtive human minds, that I am placing my head on the proverbial platter of first impressions. I hope that I might be able to etch in a cherished memory of me in your souls - with this introduction and my subsequent actions.

It is worthwhile to mention that I have already touched the water of the sea known as Toribash - swam half way across it, rowed on a boat on the ever fresh winds of the breeze on your blessed sea, as I am a black belt with only 200 victories left to the prestigious rank of 2nd dan black belt. However my experience with Toribash does not, in any way, reflect in any way my odyssey through the murky waters of life, for I am merely eighteen on the date of september the first. As I am of this ripe age - I am still vigorously studying on the tuition of my beloved German teachers.

As you may have deduced, I am of the age where one expects man to be a wanderer searching to replace the meaing of life with alchohal and friends, but this description scarcely corresponds to my true nature. I am a lover of wisedom - a philosopher as the ancient Greeks say it, and I am to be found spending my bountiful days reading works of other lovers of wisedom, although a good diversion in the form of a fiction. In addition I always cherish electronic devices and the programming of the afore mentioned gadgets.

As of now, I aspire to become a scientist in the field of studying substances and their interactions - in layman's terms, a chemist. In the venturesome community of Toribash, I do not hope to achieve ultimate understanding of the proverbial Philosopher's Stone, but rather, to leave a legacy behind and at the same time to fill my gap of activities during the day.

But let me point away from my goals, and come to the more intersting, dynamic description of me and my understanding of the world. I, being a teenager, am an exceedingly cynical being. To sate that intellectual hunger of exactly how cynical I might be, I will now point to the fact that the philosopher I adore the most is Schopenhauer, one of the most pessemistic writers in the world. However, I find it, even consdering my additude, that life waylays in the path of innocence time and time again on how cynical the trek of life is and how little my personal philosphies actually graze on its scope.

As to why I have endorsed this game, I'm afraid that I can only repeat, and hopefully I will not repeat the following ad nauseum. I am, once again, here to set a legacy and to etch my life into every soal I discover - so that I may live on after I die in the minds of every person's child that I have had the honour to meet.

Indeed, this is one point that my eternal cynicism has yet to entirely corrupt and leave void of emotion. I cling on to this desperate hope, in order to stop my own demise into the endless abyss of nihilism. However, as I continue to stare into my own internal fear I am afraid that my fear is right there, staring back at me. However, by joining in this internet community, I manage to build up ropes of hope which I may hold on to on these turbulent days of my life, and hopefully, one day, create a platform out of hope and my quest for truth.

I am pleased to meet you, I hope we will interact in the following years, and that, in the end, the rain of experience will drench you as it has drenched me. With due regards from me, I implore you to go about your ways, and hopefully, they will be my ways too...

holy crap I think I just went one speech level above formal... meh
tl;dr: deprived is spergin'
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If you make another one I can donate some money....

another one? I don't get it. PM me for details.. thanks.