Welcome to our community!

I might as well tell you what the names are about. (The colours.)

The people with red names are part of the Alpha Team, which is the team that basically deals with the forum's larger problems, and they kind of manage the people with blue names, the Super Moderators, who keep the peace in-game and in the forums, through infractions and warnings. The Alpha Team and the Super Moderators also discuss the changes on the rule system, if it's necessary. Basically, Alpha Team are Super Super Moderators. :P

Then there's the Promo Team, the people with purple names, who take care of the events, the promoting and, in some cases, discussing major changes to the community overall (economy, newbie helping, such as this forum).

And there are the Local Moderators, who don't have any fancy colours, but they're listed under a board. They can delete, edit posts, move threads. So, basically, they're smaller scale Super Moderators, with no infraction power.

Sorry if this seems a little shabby, it's just to give you a little idea. ;)

p.s.: The community likes to treat Super Moderators as Smods, and the Alpha-Team as AT, or A-Team, so don't be confused. Same with the Promo Team, which gets called PT.
hey , elipsis

remember me ?

i won ur first tourney :-)

and im just thinking where u got ur moneys ?
last time i sawed u was a orange belt
why didnt i get and introdution lie this i feel left out

any way welcome elipsis
i could probly show you around ingame and forums