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The game I had in mind exists!
Hey everyone, I'm Blap.

I'm glad to join this community as I think this game is by far the coolest ever made. I used to be a serious player of Counter Strike, if you are then maybe my name rings a bell . In fact back when I was a teenage kid (I'm now 25), I thought of a fighting game where we could decide all the moves in real time, and have infinite possibility with our character. Well I just discovered this week it does exist!

I can't stop playing now, it's so fun getting better and better. I got a question though, is there a list of the official mods and the rules associated to them.. I didnt find anything on aikido, boxing, etc..

I am playing mostly Judo right now, I tried wushu but I have a hard time understanding its physics, so if anyone wanna help me in a 1 on 1 that'd be awesome.

See you on the mat folks!

Welcome, I hope you have fun tackling the basics of this pretty complex game. ;)

If you need any help, just contact a blue or red-named person through private messaging.
Hey welcome to Toribash. If your 25 you might think of joining OLDA. OLDA is for people over 18, it's an official organization With other people over 18. Just to know Im not over 18 Im just telling you about something you may join.
Hello and welcome, Blap!
Yep, Toribash has existed for ~4 years now, and it's still innovative... Original... AWESOME!!
I have been playing this for around 2 years, and I still haven't gotten bored of it.

Yep, the settings of the mods aren't in a specified thread.
Usually, the mods are just kickbox.tbm for Kickbox, aikido.tbm for Aikido etc.
Some of the mods have fixed after them, e.g. wushufixed.tbm, betaboxfixed.tbm, deltaboxfixed.tbm etc, because of some problems during testing a feature...
If you want to see what mod you're playing, type /se and then scroll up until you see "set mod mod.tbm".

Wushu is one of the hardest, maybe the hardest mod out there, because of its engage distance and no grab. To be somehow good in Wushu, you have to be able to do openers that actually can do something (not just jump near the opponent), to avoid fractures and dismemberments, to make comebacks...
Well, you get the point. Wushu is hard.
Judo is the most luck based mod, at least in my opinion. The high turnframes and low dismemberthreshold makes it impossible to predict what will happen in the next turn...

If you have any kind of questions, just throw them at the blue or red named people (Here's the list of those), or you can just make a thread in Beginner Sanctuary.

I hope to see you sometime in game! :D
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you seem pretty level-headed. we could use more people like that around here. :v

welcome to the forums.


It's nice to see someone new that isn't a complete idiot
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It's nice to see someone new that isn't a complete idiot

Agreed. There's too many 10 year old players joining these days.

Welcome to Toribash, have fun.