Weekend Bash
Hey, mate.

Single play is good practice, but so is Multiplayer.

Don't piss off any Moderators, or you'll be in deep shit.

dnt type like dis lol

Have as much fucking fun as fucking possible.

You won't start getting good till probably mid back belt- 2nd dan black.

Erm...... Fuck this, just ask me any question and I'll answer.

Have fun, good luck, and try not to get trolled by fucktards.

Damn I miss wibbles.
Welcome to the Community, I see you already have a pretty neat avatar. Have fun and hope you stay awhile.
Life is a zoo in a Jungle.
im kind of new but i get better for some reason when i dont play for a bit... odd...i have played this since well... almost the last day of school...but i would advise you listen to these other guys. Not all moderators got the kindness of a saint. Some will ban you even for the slightest insult without warning. Happened to me in some of the other 40+ online games i play (game addict alert )
I'm pretty rebellious also so i dont really suck up to the moderators if they say something to me.. Unless im in a really good mood then i would say i love them too and move on :P