Oh, I used to GFX with GIMP.

Do you do textures for other people, is it rare work, and how much might it pay?
(Sorry if I'm asking too many questions)
I don't, it isn't that rare, and depending on the quality. Price usually ranges from 1K to 10K a head if you're not like really good.
Can I send PMs with such a low post count?
Because anytime I message someone, it tells me that I have 0 sent items... =/
I'm not sure what's happened to most the servers, only 3 intermediate & 2 semi-pro. It just isn't enough, especially for semi-pro which should have at least 5

<Erf> SkulFuk: gf just made a toilet sniffing joke at me
<Erf> i think
<Erf> i think i hate you
Thanks for the tut link ^^

Reason I wanna do graphics is cause I used to make sigs.

Haha, but I don't have 10 dollars to be allowed a sig with toriprime.
I'm too poor to afford a sig.
Plenty people will pay a GFX artist for a sig. I'ld check the Art requests subforum for Sig requests if I were you. Welcome to the forums by the way!