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How do I turn this thing on? Whatever...

ive played for a bit just, never introduced myself

Im FrostDragon, (FrostDrago)

ive played for a bit, had my wins, loses.

But im mostly here for the fun of it
Tearing peoples heads off...
*sigh* Good times.
that it? k so how do i turn thing o- *cuts off*
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lol anyways Welcome to toribash FrostDrago. I think you will like it here in this comfortable place .Pm me if you need anything and feel free to hmu in-game. Plz read rules and regulations so you don't end up ignorant to certain threads rules. Well that's all .

/offtopic aye nice 41 post already keia.
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FrostDragon, your name says frostdrago lol, i just noticed that

offtopic, just for that, you r good enugh to be on my list :P if u want?
Welcome FrostDrago/FrostDragon. Glad to see more people are finally flocking to the forums once again. It's been dead around here lately. If you need anything or just want to fight, PM me!

P.S. Nice sense of humor. :P
welcome FrostDrago/FrostDragon
PM me if you need any help
Also the first part of your name is my clan :3
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Lol welcome bro :3 Lookin' forward to seeing you ingame...(that is of course so that I may destroy you...)
I hate living in Texas -_-
Don't be so mean to the newb, anyway.

Welcome, I hope you enjoy your stay and keep yourself out of trouble.
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