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Helllo, I'm new!!!
hello all toribash player, I'm new and I want to introduce myself. As you all know, I'm ToriPlayer88 and I'm new. . I want to be good as all players did and can I know how to be popular? I mean, not in the newbie class.
Well, hang out in the IRC, show everyone that you have skill in some way for example:
Vids, Replays, Art, Ingame Skills etc.
Try to not argue with anyone.

But the most important:
Read the rules and do not give up.
Welcome to Toribash. I hope you could enjoy the game as it is awesome for me Popularity wont be needed in the game but its your choice if u want to be popular, but if u want others to like you. You should be loyal, understanding, and you should not be a ragequiter and dont offend other people. If other players offend you, just relax and dont get mad. So anyways, enjoy the game
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Welcome to the community bro.

And as far as becoming popular, just be friendly, talkative and a good sport. You'll make friends fast that way.
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Welcome in toribash dude
Watch out in Irc though there a lot of strange people there.
Have fun enjoy this awesome community!