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Hello guys I am Katastrophe but you can call me Kat, Katastro, astro or just Katastrophe. I was brought here by Kradel but i watched some chilled chaos toribash videos too! I have played a few games and Kradel ( my friend in real life ) sent me some stuff to get me started! Thank You!
Hello Kat! Hope you have fun in toribash. If you have any problems, just pm me
[insert name here] [insert name here] [insert name here]
Well welcone to the torubash community! O7

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Hello & Welcome to toribash. Glad to see a new member joining the game.

Nice name btw. Feel free to ask any questions or queries.
Shoot me a PM if you have any queries!
welcome kat ,,, hope u enjoy the game , feel free to ask me or shoot me a private massage ,, and have fun with game
wellcome to game ,,, and thx kradel for letting him join the game ,,, hope u be good with others and have fun
Need Help ? PM me :D cool guy