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Hi im new here. :D
Hi this is Flies, I'm a new comer. I go on forums all the time so I will probably get to know this forum pretty well. I have read the rules down closely and I wont break the rules. I wont troll or spam or anything like that. I hope you guys will give me some advice on the game.
Also I heard there are clans what clans should I pick?
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Hello, welcome to the community! Enjoy your stay here, have fun!

If you have questions, many of them can be answered if you take a look at these threads here. Or just send a private message to me and I'll try to help.

The unofficial clans (which I recommend to you, for being beginner) are found here and the Official Clans are found here. Look for a clan where you fit.

Well, as you're a beginner, I advise you to play a bit more before trying to join a clan, they usually have restrictions involving belts, which varies from clan to clan, when you consider yourself ready and within the standards required by the clan that you want to join, post the informations required by him. Other informations will be in the clan thread.

Good luck on your Toribash journey.
Well well well,welcome to TB bro!
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Thank you for the advice! I probably get that I need to get more used to the game now before I go to a clan. Also, how many belts do I have to go through?
Clans don't matter. I quit my clan (I loved it though :3) because I was bored of clans. I just couldn't give two shits Anyway, welcome to toribash, post or be killed. Enjoy!
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Thank you for the advice!

You're welcome.
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Also, how many belts do I have to go through?

As I said, it varies from clan to clan, you just need to find a clan among this long list there, which accepts your current belt or open exceptions for some members who have demonstrated to be quite skilled.
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Normally get to brown belt, that's when I accept people usually

For example, the kindlebob's clan (The Kira Fighters) only accepts brown belts or higher, but I believe that there are others who accept blue, green belts and such, or who simply don't care about the belt, but that you should look for, I will not
Thanks guys. I really appreciate it.
Hi guys, this is Flies. I'm a dead fly umm yeah I know it's weird but its acceptable