Welcome to toribash, m8 but remember... You will have to face all of the belts... And I think there are 20 of them... Good luck young one.
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If you wish for any help with fun mods or any mods really tel me, ill be happy to help.

Thank you. I am sure to contact you soon.
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No problemo, anything for a new comer

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Hi guys, this is Flies. I'm a dead fly umm yeah I know it's weird but its acceptable
Welcome to tb! hope you will like this game and make many new friends, if you ll need something feel free to Pm me, almost all clan needs forum activity, so stay active
WELL hello flies its nice to have you here on our nice fighting game / amazing community, hope you do enjoy your stay, and stay long.
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Welcome to toribash.

Fuck shit up and don't get shit fucked up.

HA would you mind if i use this?