I dont believe you. Replay making is pretty easy for me now.

I'd make a replay for you right now.

But sadly my computer doesn't have internet or it the router's downstairs. I promise you this, I'll make a replay for you
Hey bud, welcome to Toribash,
enjoy ur stay ;)
I'm pretty new myself so I hope we can get along

-IBooBIPervPerfc (I <3 BooBs, I'm Pervert Perfected) <- that's the meaning behind my name Btw
"Pervert is gift. Pervert is Bliss. Pervert is all man's true nature." -PervPerfc (Pervert Perfected)
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ahhh btw do the brackets mean tat they are official or something?

i've seen (g) and [TLR]

Yeah... [TLDR].... about them...
toe launch daddy
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Yeah... [TLDR].... about them...

Quite worried how you met [TLDR] first but um... Welcome to toribash!
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Sad news for u bud [TLR] died D: But ayy welcome
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