Welcome bby : > You ever need help look for me or the other Tau members. They should help you. If they dont, PM me so I can spank their asses. .o.
Good so see ya'll here . I though everyone is gonna be lie "hey bud welcome to toribash like an lame version" but no. It is awesome to meet you all. I'm making edits and more, also making 3d intros awell .
Hi im new. Or in a year or so, then maybe im not
Nice man, if you need any help PM me.

Also, you said TB was unrealistic. Well... No, not really.
Some of us specialize in realism, just check out the replay section on the forum.
Welcome, always nice to see new people around here.
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I am also new to Toribash, teach me things plz
Wanna see some ruffled feathers in Taekkyon

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