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Hi, my name is Mark. I'm a bass player and musician. I'm playing toribash for a week or two.
It is really fun, but I'm having problems with ragequitters, who plainly walk away from battlefield, not letting their opponents to claim victory. So, if you meet me ingame, don't you dare to leave - 'cus there's my little special blacklist in a signature.
Overall, the community is nice, constructive and always willing to help, so I'm glad to be a part of it now!

What will you do when you run out of characters for your signature?
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Welcome to the community and I hope you enjoy your stay. I am no staff member, but I do have 8 years into this game, so if you need advice on anything, feel free to send a PM my way.
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Just came over and noticed you played bass. Glad to see some mucisians coming in :P
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well, i think you should be happy when you see these rage quitters, it is a good sign, it means they are scared/gave up, and that's a good thing for you not bad, maybe annoying, but get over it.
Welcome to toribash game and community, good luck.
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