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hey guys...nice to meet you, community
hi guys, my name is Decourous, i honestly don't use capitals..nonetheless i am still grown up.

i'm so excited to bash Uke's head off! but that's rude and painful...but who cares!??
and also the fact that i am a white i have to wait for a long time..

well what are you waiting for? pm me if you wanna become friends with me! ('ω^\)

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You already seem to know a lot about the forums man. Fast learner... But it often happens when you are a gamer. Welcome to the Toribash Community! The best most awesome gaming family. And as GWKfighter said I like your name as well. Damn cool... Already able to take Uke's head off so soon? Your future of replay making awaits you.
Welcome to the best gaming community (and probably the most closely-knit gaming community out there too)

If you need help, slap me at the butt with a PM! I'm so glad to see new members these days, considering the fact that Toribash's player base has decreased throughout the years.
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Alrighty then, another victim. I don't know how you even found out about this game (or this community), but you came to a pretty cool place. Think of Toribash as a small town in the middle of no where. Very few people know about this game, and not much goes by in this small Tori town, but as said earlier, this is a pretty close knit community, and there won't be a time where you don't see a familiar face shit posting on some random topic you know nothing about. That's the beauty, isn't it?

Heck. I got sick and bored of this game, but for some reason . . . I'm still here. I really need to find something else to do ;-;