oh yes, I completely forgot. You are encouraged to EITHER post here or make a thread in the "Introduce yourself" board. But not both
I can't give the winners right now since my internet and cable and telehpone like burned. Meaning the cables.

I'm just using the mobile and its hard.

ToriBash Username:Rachet
Education / Qualification: ict level 1 (computer building)
Occupation(if you are still a student leave this blank):
Your Hobbies:biking
Your Goals:to be the best one of a million
Your Goals in ToriBash: ermm to be the best of the best like rich
About Yourself : i dont want to non of you buiness stalker
Why You Joined ToriBash: i was a long freind of lizy
Why You Like To Post On The Forums: cuz its boring in game
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Lawl. I think I have to agree with the "ingame is boring" thing.

EDIT: Posting winners now. Look in first Page
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Im sorry for the late annoucement. Winners of week 2 and week 3 will be posted today or tomorrow.
Name:Justin Miles
ToriBash Username:Cr4zyboy
Belt:yellow. 15 till orange
Age 14
Education / Qualification:I'm in 9th grade going to 10th in a pub High School
Occupation(if you are still a student leave this blank):...
Your Hobbies:Football, Games, Baseball, Basketball
Your Goals:Get a nice car and go to college.
Your Goals in ToriBash: To become a PT (try to) and help out the community.BECOME NUMBER 1 Player
About Yourself : I live in El dorado, Arkansas. I am a good kid to get along with. I am good at making videos! I also own on toribash :P...I'm a person who will become a good toribash player! I can play football, Basketball, and baseball pretty good..I'm a computer nerd also.
Why You Joined ToriBash: Because I want to help out people, and become one of the best players! I also keep this because it is SOOO EPIC!
Why You Like To Post On The Forums: I like making sig's and get post, meet people, make friends, learn stuff, get more post, Become a Ub3r poster :P, I like talking about all kinds of things really..IT is one of my favorite things!
For both week 2 and 3, there are no 1st place winners. The 2nd Place winners or if I could say, 1st place but the prize is only 1k, will be annouced shortly.
ToriBash Username:spenzerr
Belt:green belt? im too busy playing lol
Age 19
Education / Qualification:high school grad
Occupation(if you are still a student leave this blank):heating and air warehouse job
Your Hobbies:dirt biking pool hoes partyying
Your Goals:be successful at a job i love and be happy
Your Goals in ToriBash: to learn to use 20 joints (hope thats right) on a
seemingly simple body to do
amazing things i don't do vids but i would like to just be good and
do the things i see others do htat blow my mind haha
About Yourself : well i live with my mom and i have been playing games since i was about 9
my first start was a old atari then a ps1 mortal kombat was the only game me and
my step brother would play, i then got a n64 and i still have the original rush that came with it probably more than
7 years ago. and i still play it but its not the same console and its still fun as all heck
then came the xbox and my first time being competitive on counter strike and halo is still my fav over all the sequels
i also had a ps2 and metal gear solid and socom are still being used haha
but lets skip to but when my 360 broke when i was about to play bad company i got my hp
pavillon notebook entertainment pc and started to play games like, combat arms
warrock and all that but it was all the same stuff. i still play true combat elite
urban terror cube 2 and then a couple weeks ago i looked at this
review for urban terror on youtube then it said my review of toribash
and yah now im playing
Why You Joined ToriBash: woops well read above but toribash interests me because of the endless possibilites you can
achieve with such a simple concept 20 joints that do 4 basic movements or actions

Why You Like To Post On The Forums: i jsut did it to say hi and im bored haha ill be looking through tutorials and what not whatevber looks interesting

see yah out there!
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