don't know - but doesn't matter cos I was bored

edit: oh the fail
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Oh the fail...
Oh the shame...
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Okay guys. 7 hours left till the end week 4.

Also, I'm sorry dreameater. You are disqualifed due to the fact you are not a new member.
my name is jesse bean
my ingame name is jessebean
i have fun with this game even though its 3:45 and im still up this morning i keep thinking why addicted didnt accept me i must be addicted
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my name is jesse bean
my ingame name is jessebean
i have fun with this game even though its 3:45 and im still up this morning i keep thinking why addicted didnt accept me i must be addicted

^ Sure win.
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Hi, my name connor.

The story behind the username:The username Casshern isn't something I made up. I chose it because I once saw this extremely awesome independent japanese film. It was entitled casshern. The main character looses his memory and is told of a saint named casshern. This saint was known for inner and outter peace. Picture an angelic ghandi.

The "09" part of the name wasn't because there already was someone named casshern. It was because 09 has always been my lucky number. It isn't just nine, it has to be 09. Call me picky :P

The story behind the belt: I'm a lowly blue belt. I spend more time making textures and posting on the forums than I do actually playing the game. I would have to say i'm the richest blue belt ever thanks to a friend named MetroX. When I first joined, he donated items for me to sell. I have made 120K without buying any of it.

Age:15 years old. I will be 16 on November 2nd. IT's pretty cool because I was supposed to be born on Halloween. Instead, I was born on Mexicos' Day of The dead.

Education / Qualification: Just an avergae American High School student. I aspire to be a therapist when I get older, but I have to pull my grades up first. I'm not dumb, I just am lazy with homework :/
i'm what the good doctor calls a "non traditional learner." I think that's a fancy way of saying i'm retarded.

Occupation: I had a brief "job" in an independent game devloping site. I was a basic 3D designer. We later found out the program I used was outdated and could not run the scripts needed to animate the models
I used anim8r, so I wasn't suprised.

Your Hobbies: The computer in general, watching TV, Xbox, cooking, singing, eavsdropping, arguing, and making youtube videos. I'm not a shut in, it's just that there isn't a lot to do around the city I live in.

Your Goals: I guess my current goal is to get into next years play in theatre.(yeah yeah, laugh it up) and make my way out of this boring state!

Your Goals in ToriBash: My goals for toribash are to become a better head/texture creator. They are good, but not nearly as good as what I see some people make! I also want to make lots of cash, and maybe start a clan of my own. I'd also like to find some people with whom I could play regularly with. I'm not the best fighter, so I hope that improves as well!

About Yourself: I'm a 15 year old high school student. I live in a suburb of Colorado, but I plan to move to a city in California, or a city in Seatlle. I'm a nerd at hom, but no one at school knows it . I still collect star wars legos and play some of the nerdier computer games. I would never take a girl to MY house :P. I'm not that kind of gut who is a "go-getter" with women which is fine by me. I rather have a meaningful relationship than a sleazy hook-up. My ideal girl is one with sexy, unique, brown hair. They have to be smart, funny, and a little on the insane side. They also have to be tough but sensitive. I'm picky about my girls. Girls would categorize me as "the nice guy who is everyones big brother. I'm an incredibly big person(more vertically than horizontally lol) but i'm a "gentle giant." I like trying new things, but I tend to drop them after a while. I'm pretty nervouse around people at first, but open up if I ease into it. I'm also an incredibly broad-minded person who loves to help people with problems. Relationships, home life, etc, you can count on me to be there for you :P
Anyone reading this, don't be afraid to PM me. I'm one of those people who attract strangers with interpersonal problems

Oh, I also like Pina Coladdas and getting caught in the rain. Who's catching me? I havn't figured it out yet.

Why You Joined ToriBash: Well... it all happend when I used to play Roblox(lol.) I played for about a year. I became famouse in the game. The game was fun until its community became horrible and idiotic. That's when I met my "boss" for that independent game. He and I became close.

One day, he got banned for advertising our new game we were making. He sent me an email about how he had joined another game called blockland.

So I quit roblox and joined him on blockland. It was a fun game.I played for about a yeat, but everyone there knew how to script, model, advanced texture, you name it! It made me feel a little...well, stupid.

One day, I stumbled apon a website where the maker of my site had posted a video of him and other developers of blockland playing toribash! I saw it, and it looked like a nice change of pace, so I made an account and have been playing for about three weeks and making great progress

Why You Like To Post On The Forums: I post on the forums because i'm nosey and opinionated. I know, blunt. I also post to make sales for heads. If you want to find me, best places to look are the deabtes and the market.

edit: Didn't see that there was a limit for words! I apologize!
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Nice intro.

Also, I will cut this 3 hours short so this will end in 1hour or less...

Edit: congrats to disc and casshern09 for tieing for first place.

Week 5 is now open for introductions. Lets go!
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Name: Nathan

ToriBash Username: [Shinobi]fighter13

Belt: Black Belt

Age: 15

Education / Qualification: Student

Occupation(if you are still a student leave this blank):

Your Hobbies: Gaming, Model cars and jets.

Your Goals: To have a decent life.

Your Goals in ToriBash: To be the best player i can be.

About Yourself : I am a student,gamer,and model car builder.

Why You Joined ToriBash: Because i like fighting and ragdoll games and found it to be the best free game i've ever played.

Why You Like To Post On The Forums: So i can be known more and also when there is nothing to do.