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are you guys dead?
title says all
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Mongius du brauchst das nicht fragen, da du leider nur ein normaler User bist
und nein sind wir nicht die sind alle nur im Urblaub

SO yes we are active.
Only 2 of your members have been on in the past 7 days and there have been no new posts in over a week. So if you guys are still around somewhere, now's the time to tell us.
only the leaders :/

we will talk about what we should do

if we let the clan die or if we make it active again

we will post here when we talk ;)
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god damn
this sucks and exrun you know the reason for my inactivity. Thats a awfuly ending for our clan a really really awfuly ending.

But i think after F-K im not interested in Toribash anymore...
Exrun we can always speak and write in Skype and the others of F-K i wish you all a succesful life (: and never forget the good old times (;
Mhh and i had 3 awesome years in Toribash and 2 of them was my time in F-K (:
And hell man we arent DEAD we will be moved in home for old aged we are in pension !!! :D:D Hell i like my awesome german

But, i really would like to play with you exrun the last match against friends and friends in taekkyon (:
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its sad to see this end

i will kick your ass in taekkyon!! ;)

we can always talk in skype/steam whatever ^^

the rest of the members i wish you all good luck!
Belt: 10th Dan ; Clan: JollyR
Orgs: ORMO, Portugal Organization and T3AL