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Alright, about to post a WIP shortly


Also I just noticed the "tribals under eyes part, I'll get right on that, and edit any minor flaws that I notice.

Great! Though, could you close the teeth? The head is good anyways

Oh, I liked the one with all the modifications, without the brows though. It's good ;)

Gulo: PMed.
It's. . . been too long.
ok almost done..
here it is ..i made it slow cuz so u can see it
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click here

i know it would be late but would you like me to give it a try i could have it done today withut you tweaking it
i hate you...
Agonized: Alright, good luck.

Kosuke: Me liek, even without a nose :3

Wolf: I liked the original evil one better, now it looks too naruto and too weird sadly :/

Also, new reward! 10k! Keep working on dem heads, you guys are doing a wonderful job.

Also new changes: Replace hair color with Acid or Amytheist.
It's. . . been too long.
Yes, please. Would be very nice. I would like an HD one to make it look like it has great quality ;o
It's. . . been too long.