Endurance Onslaught 4
- How would you like to be addressed?? (Name, Nickname)
- Why is it that you want to join Envy??
Rythm twisted my arm
- How old are you??
- What are some of your pet peeves??
Liar and rythm
- Do you consider yourself a Chad??
I eat chads in my sleep
- How long have you played/experience do you have on TB??
9 dreadful years
- How often are you able to play TB??
As of right now 3-4 times a week
- What's your favorite genre of music?
I like a mix of every genre but if I had to narrow down a favorite it would be lofi
- How often do you moan into the mic whilst in Discord??
Never, not me idk what you're talkin about
- Favorite show on Netflix, or whatever the fuck you use??
I'm like halfway through bleach its pretty bangin
- Do you microwave your fries??
hell no fresh or in the garbage
- Is a Hotdog a Sandwich??
Special place in hell for those who think hotdogs are sandwich's
- What's your recent history of Clans?!
recent? none
- What are your hobbies??
gaming and hulu
- What would you like to see be achieved or achieve with Envy??
Trying to win clan league
- What type of achievements would you like to see yourself achieve in TB?
A lil to late to be going after singular achievements
- Well, Lastly... Please tell us about yourself!
I just graduated high school so i'm going to be killing myself on a job here soon but other than that nothin much to tell just chilling
Love the app buddy, glad to see you back on the game! Hope you come and join us in VC sometimes!
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Hi, Envy! I'm Trust, but my real name is Nick.

I want to join Envy because I want to be part of a clan that reminds me of the game Toribash used to be. When I first made my account I was thirteen years old, and I made a lot of incredible friends that I have not since forgotten. I'm 20 now so I essentially grew up with this game, and I just want to relive old memories and make new ones with a new family.

Pretty much my only pet peeve is any form of condescension. Nobody should act like they're better or worth more than anyone else.

I don't really consider myself a Chad. I feel like the 'Chad' archetype is supposed to characterize someone inconsiderate or thoughtless, and there's a good reason I named myself Trust

I made this account in 2014. I used to hold rank 9 because I got really good at ABD, but I have since been inactive for a few years. I have some friends who are getting me back into the game now and my skills are coming back.

I play Toribash several times a week, if not everyday now. I only work part time, so I always have a few hours a day to myself.

I really like electronic, bass, psychedelic rock, classic rock, some jazz... I really believe you can find a good song in any genre, so I can get down to anything.

I don't moan in Discord, but I can if you need me to...

My favorite show on Netflix would have to be Schitt's Creek, and my favorite Hulu show is Letterkenney.

To microwave your fries, is to imply that you would eat fries after they've gone cold. I have eaten cold fries in moments of desperation, but I would never REheat a cold fry that was already once hot. So no, I don't microwave my fries.

A Hotdog is more of a Carb Canoe for your Pig Meat than a Sandwich.

I was in Vibe at the time I went inactive. I've been playing again for about a month, but I left Vibe only recently.

Some of my hobbies include playing Toribash, Rocket League, and Minecraft. But probably my coolest one is that I produce electronic music. You can check out some of my stuff if you'd like: https://soundcloud.com/hypnoticspychotic

My goals for myself as a player, and me in a clan are kind of intertwined. As a middle schooler playing this game, I really looked up to 10th Dans, or Master Belts, etc. in brotherhoods with other dominating players. I want to refine my skills as a player to benefit a greater whole. I want to be part of the reason this clan stays at the top.

My story is a bit long, but I will simplify it as much as possible

I barely graduated in 2019 because I had severe depression stemming from some family incidents. It made it really difficult to care about school. I was much more into marching band and producing music. I had started a relationship with The Undertaker's daughter during my senior year of high school. Yes, The Undertaker from WWE. We had a few really amazing months together, but shortly after I enrolled in community college her parents forced us to break up because we got caught sneaking out. This increased my depression tenfold, and at age 18 I dropped my college classes and moved out of my parents' house (because they were getting a divorce) into an apartment with my best friends. And then a pandemic hit. So I did a lot of psychedelics and visited the edge of insanity while the world was going to shit. Then at the beginning of 2021, I moved across the country from my hometown in Michigan, to Southern California. Now I’m simply healing from the rough few years I’ve had. This is kind of my reason for coming back to the game. I just want something to remind me of the good times before everything went to shit.

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This is if not the best put together app I've seen. Love it man, and I hope we can provide you that nostalgic feel again!
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