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Hey, you. Yes, YOU !
Welcome to the Aikido Team's application board!
Before you continue should understand our philosophy and what we're about.

[TA] Philosophy

If you favor shoveling, liftkicking, or lifts then THEN THIS ORG IS NOT FOR YOU.
These are lame tactics. We practice these only to learn the counters.
If you wish to see your name on our member list THEN THIS ORG IS NOT FOR YOU.
We do not keep a member list but you may earn your spot in Tiers.

Keep in mind this application process is long and is meant to weed out the pretenders.
You will be accepted if the council is convinced you uphold 3 traits:

1. You are at least a black belt.
2. You possess the fundamental skills necessary to learn what we teach.
3. You will be a continuously active member of our organization.

To Apply to Team Aikido you will post in our Discord applications channel, do the Following.

Part 1: Copy, Paste, and Complete the App Form in: DISCORD APPLICATIONS CHANNEL:
If you do not complete Part 2 IMMEDIATELY after posting your app, your app will be deleted!

Main Account Name: 
Current Belt: 
Clan History:
How I Rate My Aikido Skills from 1 to 5 (5 is best): 
Describe My Aikido Play Style (3-5 sentences):
Why I Want to Join Team Aikido (3-5 sentences):

Type an X in brackets if you agree to the following:
[] I have reviewed Team Aikido's Knowledge Base and reached a basic understanding of Aikido Principles and Techniques. 
[] I agree that if accepted, I will be an active and contributing member of Team Aikido through posting in Chat, Replay, and Knowledge Base threads.
[] I agree as a new member, I will read the Original Post of each thread before posting in that thread.
[] I agree to represent the Aikido Team in the Toribash community, and to never shovel in a competitive multiplayer match, duel, or tourney.

Sign Here:
Part 2: Immediately Copy/Pase/Attach FOUR (4) Replays Each Demonstrating What Is Listed Below
(Must be MULTIPLAYER 'kido related matches)
(Must be clearly labeled OR given description in app)

1 replay of you Decap'ing your opponent.
1 replay of you clearly countering your opponent's attack or coming back from a bad position

2 replays demonstrating a technique from the [TA] technique library (see knowledge base).
(Each must be two DIFFERENT [TA] techniques, not the same technique twice.) 
1 replay of you defeating a TA council member or leader. (See Council list).
(If you can do this, 4th replay can be whatever you want.)
Part 3 (OPTIONAL): Complete in-game Skill Test
If you desire, you may pursue a Team Aikido leader or council member in game and request that they test you abilities.
They will then post a summary of the session with replays in the council to be reviewed.
List of Team Aikido leaders and council members here.

And last but not least: Be patient, don't insist asking about your application, you just need votes. We have lives, we can't make decisions instantly.
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