Thank you for getting back to me! Ive been chilling in your Discord and lurking your forums since applying. I like playing your members and am excited to hopefully join in!
[+] Frost- Congrats! You've been accepted to Team Aikido! I really like your style, and I'm looking forward to seeing your skills develop even further with our help.
Team MMA Leader
~Do Real Moves~
application for t a
Main Account Name: fugiggly
Current Belt: master belt
Clan History: origin, cw, tele, etc.
How I Rate My Aikido Skills from 1 to 5 (5 is best): 3
Describe My Aikido Play Style (3-5 sentences): circular and slightly jujutsu based. i have some principles ive developed on my own to help me play and i try mirroring real life grappling in aikido.
Why I Want to Join Team Aikido (3-5 sentences): i want to join aikido because some of the best aikido players ive seen are in it, and i know you guys have a deep understanding of the mechanics and technicalities of the game. i think that it would benefit me greatly to play with you guys and that maybe it would benefit you guys to play with me. also wish i could show u guys some of my funnier replays but i respect tha 5 rule.

Type an X in brackets if you agree to the following:
[x] I have reviewed Team Aikido's Knowledge Base and reached a basic understanding of Aikido Principles and Techniques.
[x] I agree that if accepted, I will be an active and contributing member of Team Aikido through posting in Chat, Replay, and Knowledge Base threads.
[x] I agree as a new member, I will read the Original Post of each thread before posting in that thread.
[x] I agree to represent the Aikido Team in the Toribash community, and to never shovel in a competitive multiplayer match, duel, or tourney.

Sign Here: fug
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1amazing win.rpl (49.3 KB, 6 views)
beheaded.rpl (49.4 KB, 5 views)
1DIRTY2333.rpl (43.3 KB, 5 views)
1DIRTY2.rpl (59.9 KB, 5 views)
1OE4.rpl (71.6 KB, 5 views)
Not dead, members are just f****** lazy.
fugiggly - unlike my associates here, I actually reviewed your replays and i appreciate your effort in the app. you're very clear cut with your intentions and thats great.

Your replays overall were great but one in particular (1DIRTY2 i think) was lackluster. Other than that you exhibit your playstyle well, very reserved and smooth. Very clean decap, and the hip throw was perfect and I especially liked how it was executed by extending the knee into the floor where my hip throws usually generate throwing force by bending the hips. I'm typically to scared to risk how you did it but i want to try it in the future.

Good app and yes as mentioned our forum is pretty dead lately but feel free to join us in discord and maybe you can help us bring our threads back to life. To officially accept you we just have to discuss it in council but you will get a response, here, shortly. Thank you.
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