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Blue Clan is recruiting leaders!

Blue is looking for new leaders!
Do you have a knack for leading clans and enjoy hanging out with your clan mates? We are looking for experienced players to show strong leadership in unifying and rallying blue members through events, clan meetings in game, clan chat in Discord and anything else!

Blue? What's that?
The clan "Blue" is one of the two beginner clans that make up the Help Squad's project. Their purpose is to serve as a stepping stone for new players where they can get involved with the community, and can be introduced to the different aspects of the game early on.

User retention is important here, interaction with members is your job. Creating events suitable for beginners, hosting "hangout" servers, and engaging members in clan wars are just a few examples of your options. Please keep in mind that you will need to join the Blue clan!

More information can be found here: R/B Beginner Clans.

What does it take to apply?
Simple: activity! Your contributions are important to this project, so we will need you to do your part if you're brought aboard. Be personable, approachable, and helpful; members should look up to you as one of their clan's leaders!

How do I apply?
Send your application to any Help Squad member, TyZi, or Wizard! Do NOT post your applications here.

There's no belt requirement to become a leader, but remember that if you are above Brown Belt you will need a Help Squad member to manually add you to the clan. If you are in any clan at the moment you will have to leave that clan and join Blue if you are accepted. No alts please.

The deadline for applications is 2 weeks from now (6th July), we will no longer be accepting applications past this date.

Use this thread for any questions or comments about the recruitment. Please do not post anything along the lines of "I applied!" or "Good luck!". Thanks.
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