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Vikings Shiai Thread Release!

Hello, and welcome again to a new Shiai Token items release!

Centuries have passed since those great times, where the most fierce and powerful toris dominated and defended their families and terrains. Now, in 2018, the Item Forgers are delivering to you the most valuable items from Valhalla itself!

Viking Helmet - 3 Shiai Tokens
Reduces the risk of axes flying into your head

Viking Beard - 4 Shiai Tokens

Magically attracts admiration and jealousy of the beardless

Atgeir - 5 Shiai Tokens

The ultimate Polearm of the Viking age!

Bearded axe +Mjolnir - 6 Shiai Tokens

Typically used for chopping wood... works pretty well in fights too

Forged by the dwarven brothers Eitri and Brokkr for the god Thor.

Viking Shield + Ulfberht - 6 Shiai Tokens

To protect against invaders!

A viking sword made of pattern-welded steel to combine the flexibility and hardness of two different metals. Inlaid with the inscription "+VLFBERHT+", a mark of the best swords of the time.

Full Viking box - 18 Shiai Tokens (25% off!)
Includes all the viking 3D items.

We are also releasing a brand new limited edition color! (ideal for joint textures)
Welcome, Impure

Impure will only be available this August either in exchange for Shiai Tokens or in Torishop for $20.

Impure doesn't require Qi, and you will be able to trade the items after purchase no matter if you bought from Torishop or got them for your ST.

Item and Impure previews!

So now it's time to spend your hard earned Shiai Tokens into these wonderful items!
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Originally Posted by Tinerr
Monochrome will only be available this August either in exchange for Shiai Tokens or in Torishop for $20.

Looks great, but isn't that supposed to say impure?
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Originally Posted by Smaguris View Post
What's impure RGB values?
Is there a side-by-side comparison of impure vs quicksilver for example?

Here you got some screenshots where Tori has full impure and Uke has full quicksilver.


Rgb is 234,234,234.
Originally Posted by Mugily View Post
What exactly does impure look like

If the screenshots aren't helpful enough, try /dl tinerr and /lp 0 tinerr, it will show full monochrome + the Shiai items.