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Clan Perk Points and Shop

Some hours ago, we added a Perk Shop button to clan admin pages.
Perk shop uses Perk Points that are equal to your clan's XP earnings and allows purchasing unique customizations for your clan. For now, all customizations are forum related, but we're open to adding game-related and other customizations in future based on players' feedback.

Here's a list of currently available customizations with short descriptions:

  • Custom "Leaders" name in clan page
    Purchasing this would replace the default "Leaders" string in your clan page to a name of your choice.

  • Custom "Clan Roster" name in clan page
    Similar to "Leaders" name customization, allows to set up your own name for "Clan Roster" string.

  • Custom clan achievement
    Allows you to purchase a custom achievement that only your clan would hold.

  • Display clan logo in members' posts
    Enables clan's logo display in posts made by your clan members.
    * Requires clan logo to be uploaded and enabled in clan admin.

  • Custom usertitle for clan members
    Allows you to set up either a text usertitle (costs cheaper) with a custom color and font decorations (bold/italics/underline) or an image usertitle (more expensive) for all your clan members who don't have a custom-set usertitle yet.

  • Custom clan page color
    This one is self-explanatory, you can now get a custom color for your clan page if you dislike the default bland grey.

  • OFFICIAL CLANS ONLY - Private clan board
    In addition to the classic way of acquiring a private board, you can now also exchange your perk points to get it!

We have also added more ways of gaining clan XP and Perk Points.
Here's the full list of activities that give points to your clan:

  • Playing any multiplayer game - 1 point (new)
  • Winning a ranked game - 5 points (+1 point from playing a game)
  • Winning an automated tourney - 50 points (new)
  • Winning a clan war - 150, 200 or 300 points (depending on war game limit)
  • Losing a clan war - 50 points
  • Getting clan achievements - varies on achievement type

In addition to that, official clans will be receiving extra XP for each clan activity check starting with the November check.

And last but not least, we have granted the clan logo display perk to this year's Clan League winners - Alpha, Obey and Undead, - for free. Congratulations and enjoy the free upgrades!
I notice bought clan logo perk is smaller than the other ones

EDIT: Nevermind, it was cause the image was not cropped properly.
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Originally Posted by Kriegery View Post
Regarding the Usertitles: if we request custom usertitles, do all current members get it or future members too?

Future members too.
If you already have a custom UT but want to get a clan one, you need to disable it.
Mind if we got a few example screenshots of these potential customization's?

Originally Posted by duck View Post
@Hattersin, I'll provide some screens soon

bump, dont forget

also would be nice if there were some more expensive things
right now Obey can buy everything without having to work for it

more achievements is also a good thing, we had a lot of fun in Obey chasing down some of the challenges that were offered but we got them all quite quick
if you want help with fun ideas hmu
PM me with any and all questions
does anyone remember clan descriptions under official clan names when you viewed them here? they got wiped out a couple of years ago
it would be nice if we could buy them and write whatever we want
I remember usertiles used to be displayed under your name on the toriclan.php page, is there a possibility this will be re-implemented?