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Item Forgers News!

Toribash presents...

(Item Forgers)

The Team.

Founder of the Item Forgers.
Head coder.
Icon maker.
Reta & Tinerr
Item Forger coder.
Idea man.
3D Artist
Banner maker/artist.
Texture Artist
3D Artist
Texture Artist
3D Artist
3D Artist
3D Artist
What we do, and plan to do.

Our primary and only goal is to bring you, the toribashians new and exciting items to trick out your tori, or even power them up...
What lies in wait for you from the Forgers is and will always be a mystery, but we promise to make you happy with every release!



All items under hints are not set in stone, and may not even be made. We will not reveal information or answer questions about the items either.


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Not sure why you're typing on bold blue but alright, animated textures would be too network intensive. It's been suggested many times before, even 1028 textures could be too much for some people's computers.
Originally Posted by Soreu View Post
Yea, and someday there will be:
- grip texture
- emote texture
- usertext texture
- timer texture
- hair texture


-Grip Texture, maybe, not much point though
-Don't see the point
-Don't see the point
-Could be an interesting idea
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uwu i wuv you uwu
I really believe you should add an affro hair style it would be very stylish and pretty awesome if i may say
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Originally Posted by g1nger View Post
I really believe you should add an affro hair style it would be very stylish and pretty awesome if i may say

Asked before but they said that it is impossible to créate an afro with The current hair forger
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Originally Posted by Soreu View Post
Well, if there are x128, x256, and x512 textures, bumpmap textures, then what about animated textures?

Oh gawd no.
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jusmi forged it, it's pretty neat.
multiple texture uploader! updated: multiple texture remover!
updated pretty colorlist!

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