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Toribash Next announcement.
I've started to build a new Toribash version, code name Toribash Next.

While the current engine is super awesome it was written 12 years ago.

Things I want to add to the new engine:
- 2vs2, 3vs1 and brawl games
- Built with animations and models from the start
- Ingame multiplayer modding (mod rooms together)
- Ingame inventory and trading
- Run your own servers

Some technical details for those interested:
- Engine (Unity3D)
- Plattforms (Windows, OSX)
- Backend (Steam and standalone)

- Part of the economy will be decentralised (we will have our own BitCoin type currency). This will allow players to trade outside the forum.
- The giveaway Toribash Next Token will eventually transferable to this new section of our economy.

Questions & Answers:


If you have more questions, I'll keep this top post updated.
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Originally Posted by jencam13 View Post
So i still have to keep my tc?

No check your deactivated inventory. If you had more than 1k until 1h ago than you got a new coint. In that coint is the tc value you have now and you can transfer and change it in the new Toribash.
Example. You had 10.000tc
The coint contains 10.000 (new tori coins)
That 1 coint with the value you can exchange it in the new game.
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Honestly they took away the 4 player games just as I showed up to the fame about 4 years ago. Am so happy to see they will be doing this. Thanks a bunch hampa!
Psychology, the way to win Toribash games.
I think it will be good if you give the name

Toribash 2

i wish this Next Toribash Next will be still able running in Low End PC/Laptop

If you will improve a graphic of this Next Toribash Next, please keep the old Toribash graphic options and add the new graphic potions options,

AhAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH




KEEP THE "Low" GRAPHIC OPTION IN THE OPTION PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
YES, i really hope it'll be finished soon, because people need to know more about the beauty of Toribash.yea i know there isnt any
Had to wipe my eyes in disbelief. I can't wait lol I'm really excited. Does this new engine mean more objects in mod making? If so would it be by a drastic amount or by a little. And because there is ingame inventory, would It then be possible to activate/deactivate things while ingame?
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If u can act and deact items ingame. It would suck. Cos many players have slow internet. And troll players might spam act and deact. And we'll ping so hard (just a conclusion) dont hate me
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Well the engine is clearly going to be more powerful because it will run 4 player games on the version of Toribash we have. So I can't wait, I am sure there will be some new options for mod making, bit well have to see. I am just too excited. I can't wait.

Also Dumbn00b, they can't really call it Toribash 2. There is Toribash 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, and 5.0.XD
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Psychology, the way to win Toribash games.
Originally Posted by sleepy View Post
Replaymaking's going to be siiick with the new physics, dude. I'm hype for this. Toribash's getting reborn.

Making madmans and manips in the next gen.
Woohoo! Damn I'm excited as fuck right now.

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