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Toribash Next announcement.
I've started to build a new Toribash version, code name Toribash Next.

While the current engine is super awesome it was written 12 years ago.

Things I want to add to the new engine:
- 2vs2, 3vs1 and brawl games
- Built with animations and models from the start
- Ingame multiplayer modding (mod rooms together)
- Ingame inventory and trading
- Run your own servers

Some technical details for those interested:
- Engine (Unity3D)
- Plattforms (Windows, OSX)
- Backend (Steam and standalone)

- Part of the economy will be decentralised (we will have our own BitCoin type currency). This will allow players to trade outside the forum.
- The giveaway Toribash Next Token will eventually transferable to this new section of our economy.

Questions & Answers:


If you have more questions, I'll keep this top post updated.
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Originally Posted by xninja1332 View Post
Ok i have questions on the New Toribash next soo ima try to summarize up everything as short as possible:

1st question is this all real or some fluke
-Do we keep our Qi, items and tc or do we have to start all over from scratch
-how soon or far will it be coming out
-Is everything about the rumors i've overhead about new engines 3v1 2v2 matches and additional models and stuffs etc are true?
-will it have new effects and animations as said
-will Part of the economy actually be decentralised
-how much is the bitcoin worth and can u transfer tc from this game into bitcoins

and lastly if all this is true Toribash is going to be hella popular and not even thousands millions would wanna play so all i gotta say is this is the best update ever.DDD you've really outdone yourself if this comes out ima tell everyone bout this

1 - Your stuff will still be on your account, Toribash isn't being killed by the new game.
TC will apparently have some function in Next; QI no idea. You'll have to wait until the time comes.

2,3 - Read the OP

4 - Potentially it could have new effects with a far lower hardware overhead, however that doesn't mean it'll end up with them. You'll have to wait until the game is further in development to find out. Gameplay > graphics

5,6 - It's too early to provide info on any of that...

Originally Posted by Assassin View Post
-snip because long-

They're different games, which is why Next isn't directly replacing Toribash.
Straight killing current TB and forcing people to use a different game would be a stupid move.
It's better for everyone to make a new game and let people move over when they want.

Originally Posted by Assassin View Post
Question: what will be with the players that they never used forum?
A: when they will start old Toribadh they will get a notice that theres a new Toribash Version with download link and their account was moved to the new one automatically.

Accounts aren't being moved, they'll do both.
It's easy enough to announce a new game via Steam, social media, ingame broadcasts...

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Hampa... I've been waiting for a toribash like this for a while and you gave a lot of people what they wanted bless your heart XD.
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Originally Posted by Assassin View Post

Well my opinion about this after i was thinking about:
I Think this ideas is greate BUT why doesent Hampa do only 1 Toribash? That means a new generation and everything from old Toribash transfer to the new... if you ask why... my opinion about this is, we all know that This current Toribash Version isnt more what it was before... so what do you think will happen if there will be a new Version? Players from current version will go to the new one and the current version will die more than we will think cuz with 2 versions of toribash we will split current players to 2 different versions... why dont try to transfer all stuffs to the new one and move ALL players to a new generation Toribash? We want a game with many players but if we split the current players toribash have... will be not so good. I like the new ideas what Hampa planed for the new Toribash but dont split the players. We know that we are not so many players... just find a way to Transfer everything whats important to the new One and lest start a new complete toribash generation. If the players will be splited im sure this current Toribash will die surely... and the new Toribash will be not have enough players to play and will be exactly the same like this version. We all know that when theres no one online in a game than we go to play something else. think about this twice.
Lets start TOGETHER a new generation. Everything is possible. Its a hard work i know but at last will be Worth. Dont split the games. Fokus better to the new one and go TOGETHER into it.
This is my opinion about so dont go crazy with. Ill miss the old one but im prepared for the new things.
I think we all should be. Theres a new Solution so let give it a try and let the old be old. We want a big Community but my opinion i think will not work if we split in 2 games. Look how it was for years and look how it is now. And now think what will Happen when there will be a new and better Totibash version.
Hope you know what im talking about.
Its only my opinion and idea after i was thinking twice about. I think there will be a few players that will go crazy about what im saying but be honest and i know it hurts but this is the almost TRUTH about the situation in moment. Think twice about.

Question: what will be with the players that they never used forum?
A: when they will start old Toribadh they will get a notice that theres a new Toribash Version with download link and their account was moved to the new one automatically.

I've been playing Toribash since '07 and I couldn't agree any more
I was too poor as I give most of my tc away as I make it, so I didn't get a Toribash Next coin. The feels are bad.
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