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Anime Shiai Token Items!

Hello, and welcome again to a new Shiai Token items release!

You might ask yourself, did Event Squad think about the userbase interested in Anime? Yes we did! that's why we're delivering you some new items made by the Item Forgers!

Anime Bow- 3 Shiai Tokens
The kawaii touch your tori needs!

Anime Umbrella - 4 Shiai Tokens
An Umbrella. For keeping rain off of your head. Also blood. But mainly rain.

Torii - 5 Shiai Tokens
A gateway to the sacred realm.

Anime Hair - 6 Shiai Tokens
Embrace your inner vocaloid with hair longer than a spar match!

Ukeko pillow - 6 Shiai Tokens
Take your waifu into battle for moral support.

Full Anime items box - 18 Shiai Tokens (25% off!)
Includes all the anime 3D items.

We are also releasing a brand new limited edition color!
Welcome, Sakura

Sakura will only be available this July either in exchange for Shiai Tokens or in Torishop for $20.

Sakura doesn't require Qi and is available with Toribash 5.31+

Item and Sakura previews!

So now it's time to spend your hard earned Shiai Tokens into these wonderful items!
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Originally Posted by SenseiDc View Post
/opt hair 0

It's a 3d item, so you would need to /opt obj 0 if you want to get rid of the Anime Hair item ;o
the color is nice the rest is the biggest load of garbage i've ever seen but at least the lgbt side of the community is happy
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That body pillow is my to snuggle with
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You gotta get the gateway to the sacred realm, to do your training in a place where time is slower.
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