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Event Squad is Recruiting!


The Event Squad is recruiting, once again! We're looking for fun, active and trustworthy individuals to help us put on events for the community, and generally make the game more fun for people! If that's something that sounds like it might interest you, then read on friendo!

What does the Event Squad do?

I’m glad you asked! The primary goal of the Event Squad is to keep the community entertained. There are many ways we do this, some of our favorites are hosting in-game tournaments and forum events! You'll also get to work along side a team of artists, modders and 3d Item modellers. It's a very creative environment!

What does it take to become an Event Squad Member?

We’re looking for people who are enthusiastic, creative and active. We want people who enjoy toribash and enjoy playing it. We're supposed to be the smiling face of the staff, so if you can bring a smile to people's faces, then we want you! We also need you to be responsible, because the job comes with a bit of power.

Why join the Event Squad?

As an Event Squad Member, you’ll have one of, if not best platform to help the community. It’s also pretty dang fun. We all want to see Toribash grow, and you can play a large part in that just by doing your job. Having a direct hand in bringing excitement to hundreds of Toribash players is both an amazing privilege and a great responsibility. There really is nothing cooler than seeing someone super stoked about an event you spent weeks working on and perfecting.

That all sounds great! How can I apply?
You can send your application to either of the ES leads: Sir, Tinerr, or any Event Squad Member!

Make sure to include:
your GMT,
your primary language,
and any other information you feel necessary

A guide on how to write your application can be found here!

We're also looking for avid mod makers to help us make some special mods for various events! If you have experience making toribash mods, and would like to help out in that regard, send us a Mod Maker application. Make sure to include examples of your work, along with your strengths and weaknesses. We're looking for people who are active and creative who can bounce ideas off of us, and with us to create interesting ingame and forum based events. If this sounds like something that interests you, you can send your application to pouffy
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I think its time i became something more then just a really irrelevant and underrated player in the community. I Support this community with all my heart and honor. My love for this game is endless! HURRAY!

Lets see if i make it so i can show my potential!
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no u

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Still got to send a PM to an ES member with your application.

not if u have the proper connections huh
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Some notice to people who applied: from now on we'll try to send explanatory PMs to all applicants in case they're denied.
Feel free to contact me if you need further clarification, but keep in mind that arguing with decision that's been made won't help your case (e.g. I just spent half an hour explaining to a user that team finding his attitude towards other users arrogant is a perfectly valid reason to deny his application).
Congrats to our second wave of trials: Surge, Frost, and DesiTwist.

Feel free to send in more applications!
Hi, I'm an SMod, CS, and ES. have any questions or want to send me an application? PM me.

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