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A mod Im currently working on, samurai.tbm. I will put the mod in attachments, it basically is sort of like aikido with a larger ring, and in the center to the near interior edges is a plate you cant dq on, outside of the ring are static blades that are classified as weapons, 2 small trees that you can grab, and a rock that you can also grab. but you cannot grab the non-dq plate on the ground. 25 gravity, 350 match frames, 30 reaction time, and some weird turn frames.

Hi, your mod is not uploaded to the mod registry (here). Also, samurai.tbm is already taken, you'll have to change the name.

Furthermore, your turnframes are bugged by the export. You'll have to open the notepad to input the desired turnframes next to the appropriate line ("turnframes" below "matchframes" all the way at the top).

Lastly, I think you need to work more on your mod, as there's nothing really original or interesting to it. Try to come up with something new !
the room is mostly empty.
you should clean it up.

I think there would be more people playing if there was no mod rotation.
Instead you should make multiple rooms.

I hope I will find some time to make another mod soon.
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Been really out of the loop recently.

In any case I disagree, the room often has quite a few guys in there with the rotation. Right now there might be too many in the rotation however, I'll move one or two out tomorrow.
What you could do is make sure to coordinate the mod themes. e.g. weapon mods, striking-esque mods
ok ignore my previous suggestion, oginaimasu sucks

-hezk-bioshockhand_close is really good

a fan favorite and mine too!

it will help me alot and get my name out there too!
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I couldn't think of a name.
The floor is a bunch of sticks and if you touch outside of the area thing or gaps in the hole you get dqed. Change the frame count if you want.
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I'm gonna soup this up when I get home, lemme know if you like the new version when I post it :I
art horder. i like art.
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