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Head texture swapping (Tori expressions)
TLDR; Change head texture in realtime when tori receives pain, decap or DQ events.

To be honest, this feels like a silly idea, though in my mind it would look really interesting to see toris being more alive, thus it might allow users to expand their creativity a little bit during gameplay.
This can be interpreted as new head texture items that the game will be able to load during gameplay through events, or just expand existing head texture items to add new texture states, maybe even the head textures can change by using a command or a hotkey (probably like /em). Just like comic effects that show up when you receive damage or get decapped, your tori's head texture can change depending on the event the tori received for a certain amount of fixed frames (ignoring gamerules) or even permanently.

For this exact same idea, i have in mind several ways in which this can be implemented, so i might miss some of the things i had in mind.

Some of the states (or items) i have in mind have the following behaviour:
  • Normal -> Average static head texture
  • Pain -> The texture assigned on the pain state will be shown in-game when receiving damage. This state can probably last a fixed amount of 20 frames and then returns back to normal if not interrupted.
  • Dismemberment -> The texture assigned on the dismemberment state will be show in-game when any bodypart gets dismembered. This tate can probably last the same amount as the pain state.
  • DQ -> The texture assigned on the DQ state will be shown in-game when the tori gets disqualified or loses.
  • Death -> The texture assigned on the death state will be shown in-game when the tori gets decapped, not sure what else can be considered death in toribash, but i guess this is very different from normal dismemberment and/or DQ, this state would be permanent.
  • Other -> Probably through hotkeys or something, this is nothing more than just emotes that changes your tori's texture. Duration...? Good question. Configurable.
Methods of implementation i have in mind...
  • Override existing head texture items with new texture slots.
  • Expand existing head texture states by spending TC (Like leveling up 3D items)
  • Add new head texture items that allow these functionality (Feels tedious since this would require adding several states/items for each resolution (128, 256, 512))
  • Making head texture items programmable/configurable, so they can be all activated at the same time as long as the configured options are different between each item and using the resolution of the main head texture item you have activated.
Brainstorming is bad, please help.

Even something as simple as supporting gif animations for head textures would satisfy this need of seeing animated faces in toribash, but snappy texture changes would be better than gifs.

As far as i understand, i'm not sure if this is actually possible due to maybe, engine, website or even network limitations? Not sure, but i found this idea quite curious anyways and just felt like sharing it.
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