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So I would like hands to DQ inside the dojo. I understand using objects and triggers to make them DQ that way. But I'm using a circular dojo, so there is an overhang on the edges. This excess prevents the instant DQ from a ring out. Any suggestions for how to deal with it?

turn your trigger platform thinggy into a circle, just make tons of object spanning the diameter of your dojo rotated by increments to fit its width, or put other objects dq'ing all masking the overhang
If you use a 0.01 thickness object over the dojo and put the dq on that. You can use the dq proprieties of the object while also using the normal dojo because it's thin enough that bodyparts go through it.
z pos 0
z length 0.01
Edit: Attached an example of this. Tori will win when you touch the objects with hands, but everything else works like normal abd. You can make the object invisible as well.
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I don't know if this forum is still used at all but how do you set the win points requirement? I can't seem to edit it in notepad++ anywhere so I'm not sure how to get it to be officially in the mod?