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all art related sales should post in a thread
most of the issues regarding art like people selling heads multiple times would be fixed if after opening a thread on the market texture section u should post in the art identification thread so people can know for sure who is the owner of certain arts and reducing the amount of textures being sold multiple times
i was thinking about it and just like TC Art should be sold only in the forums so a market squad member would need to see proof of ownership and after the art is sold the buyer should post in the art identification thread
in my opinion this would be hard to implement as most of this is done within DMs and Discord, so expecting artists and/or sellers to be responsible and liable would be necessary, and if you have already people selling the same thing to different clients they know they are doing wrong and wouldn't disclose it lol, there'd need to be policing.

I think a system that monitors the files/images that are uploaded would be more efficient and could be studied, so you'd not only knock down art fraud but also plain art thievery in one stone.