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~ Mod Maker Documentation ~
How to use the Mod Maker

Firstly, you will need the most recent version of Toribash to continue. Download it now from Toribash.com

Now you need to navigate to the Mod Maker

Click the following options in the menu

This will load up the Mod Maker for you.

On the left you will see the control panel.

The first page has most of the information for environment objects on it.
You can use 128 objects in total, but only objects 1 to 16 are movable objects.

Each object is assigned a number, to enable an object check the box at the top that says enable. So to enable object 1 for example, type 1 into the box, and check enable.

The particulars of the object are set using the next 9 boxes. Here you can choose the position, size and colour.

Under these 9 boxes, you can choose between the 3 toribash shapes. Sphere, Box and Cylinder.

Triggers (information to come later)

Now click the tab at the top that says ADV

This gives you the menu for some more options for your objects.

Bounce will make an object bouncy. Setting this too high can cause Toribash to crash, so it's best to increase it slowly.

Friction determines the friction of the object, 10000 is default, 0 is slippery.

Thrust determines which way the object will be "pushed".

Thrust frames determine which frames the object is pushed on. 1 means every 1 frame, 2 means every 2 frames, 500 means every 500 frames etc.

Set the frames to a positive number and then set the X, Y and Z to whatever you want and the object will move (setting it too high might make the object disappear in a flash).

Force (can be achieved using thrust, not needed)

The next 3 boxes will set flags on the object. Weapon = Instagib, Static = Object cannot move, No Grip = Can't grab the object.

Next 6 boxes can be used to set Uke and Tori in different positions. Only use this if you don't want them to be facing each other like in most mods.

The rotation does not work correctly and only -180, -90, 90 and 180 on the Z axis will function correctly.

Note that if you do use these settings, in Multiplayer there is a bug where Tori (red player) will start at coordinates 0,0,0 on the first turn and then teleport to his correct location at the start of the second turn.

Dismemberment and Fracture thresholds determine how easy it is to DM or fracture players. The lower the number, the easier it is.

The rest of the game rules can be found under the "Rules" tab.

Match Frames = Number of frames in the match. (limited to 2000 on MP I think)

Turn Frame = How many frames per turn. Separate the frames with a comma. eg. 10,20,30,40,50... etc. If the sum of the turn frames is less than the match frames, the turn frames will repeat from the first turn.

Distance = How far Uke and Tori are from each other.

Height = How far Uke and Tori are off the ground.

Rotation = The angle that Uke and Tori stand.

Dojo Size = Size of dojo...

Reaction Time = The amount of time (in seconds) that each turn lasts. 20 is default on most public servers.

Gravity = X, Y and Z settings for gravity. -9.82 is Judo, -30 is Aikido. -100 is close to real world gravity.

Dismember = check to enable breaking off of body parts

Fracture = check to enable fracturing of joints.

Disqualification = check to enable DQ within the dojo/on the ground if there is no dojo.

No Gripping = check to disable grab.

Instant DQ outside dojo = check to have normal DQ outside dojo.

Frames till DQ = Sets timed dq. 0 is instant, 50 will take 50 frames.

Dojo type = Choose between square and circular dojo.

Winner on Draw = Chooses who wins if the match is a draw. Good for sports mods.

Exemption from DQ= Recommend Sumo is on for all mods, determines if ankles and wrists dq by default.

Joint objects are used to create links between objects 1 to 16. First you need to set the joint number by clicking the number from the list (1 to 16) then clicking the 2 objects you want to join on the check boxes. So if you wanted to create a link between object 1 and 5 you would first click the tab "1" then check boxes 1 and 5.

This will create a static (non moving) joint between objects 1 and 5.

You need to use the position boxes to place the joint in a suitable place (between the 2 objects you are joining).

The axis boxes can be set to 1 or -1. If you look closely at the joint you will see which direction the axis is on. You can set mutliple axis and these will affect the rotation of the joint. set all 3 to 1 if you want to have a free moving joint.

The upper and lower ranges are set between 5 and -5. Think of them as both being in the same position on a clock face (let's say 12 o'clock) if you want to have it going through 12 hours (360 degrees) set the upper to 5 and the lower to -5. If you want it to go from 9 o' clock to 3 o' clock set it to 2.5 -2.5 etc.

To make a fully free joint set all the axis to 1 and the ranges to 5 (upper) -5 (lower).

Joints can also be powered. Strength sets how much torque the joint has, velocity sets how fast it can spin when it reaches top speed.

If you set the strength very high, but the velocity low, it would spin around slowly but would be difficult to stop. If you set the strength very low and the velocity very high, it would go very fast, but be easy to stop.

To get to the next set of tabs on the control panel, click the "Next Page" button in the bottom right.

This is the body editor. This is used for editing Uke and Tori.

First choose between editing You (Tori) or Uke - You can set one player as default afterwards, so you only need to edit one player (explained later).

Scale sets the size of the body part you have selected.

Density sets how heavy the body part is.

Position sets the location of the body part. Note that because all the body parts are jointed, moving them around randomly will often cause problems. Also, cylinders cannot be placed horizontally as they will not joint correctly.

Thrust is the same as it is for objects.

Thrust frames determine which frames the body part is pushed on. 1 means every 1 frame, 2 means every 2 frames, 500 means every 500 frames etc.

Set the frames to a positive number and then set the X, Y and Z to whatever you want and the object will move (setting it too high might make the object disappear in a flash).

*More details to come later*

Stickied! -Echo
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