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[READ ME] Ingame and forum conduct
Hello, and welcome the Toribash Community. This thread hopes to outline a number of simple guidelines that will help improve your experience in game and on the forums. Please note that there are a number of individuals who have been entrusted with the ability to moderate various sections of the community. This moderation is performed with the intent of making the community a better place for everyone. You can find a list of these individuals by clicking here, and you can learn more about what they do here.

General etiquette:

First and foremost, use common sense:
Toribash is, before anything else, a game. One of the key points of the rules is that they're there to keep people from ruining your fun, but to do so they also need to keep you from ruining other people's fun. Keep in mind that not everyone is going to have the same standards or ideas about fun as you, but that there are some things that people consistently dislike. If what you're doing is making the game less fun for everyone, then you might be banned for it, regardless of whether or not there is any rule specifically disallowing that particular activity.

Do not flame, harass, troll, or incite other users:
Don't go out of your way to make people angry. You can get banned for doing so. Don't go out of your way to tell people how much they suck, or how awful they are. You'll probably get banned for doing so. Don't refer to people with offensive slurs, don't tell people to kill themselves, don't try to get players to leave the game forever by being an asshole. You will almost certainly get banned for doing so.

This doesn't mean you can't joke around with your friends, but keep in mind that what you post in various places is usually available for more than just your friends to see. If you take the time to keep a positive attitude and be a generally nice person, then you won't have any issues with this. This is a game, and you should be having fun.

If someone makes it clear that they don't want to talk to you, that's their choice. Just leave them be, or if it's absolutely necessary to interact with them (for example, for a tournament or clan war) then try to do so politely and as little as possible.

If you want someone to stop talking to you, let them know. If they continue, take a screenshot and report it (please do not crop the screenshot). Try to avoid blowing up on them and causing a huge scene: sometimes people do that and go way over the line while doing so, and then they end up banned as well for breaking the same rule.

Specifically, don't be a sore loser/winner:
While relatively minor compared to some of the above offenses, it's still bad form to make a big deal out of how much better you are than someone. Some gamemodes are particularly luck based, and it's generally accepted that belt ranking is only loosely related to actual skill level. If you beat a 6th dan, congratulations, but even the best players lose matches occasionally. Every game should be a good game, regardless of who won or lost.

If you lose, it happens, better luck next time. Just try to think about how to get better, or go spend a couple of hours in single player figuring out how to counter shovels. Calling your opponent a noob is bad. You probably won't be banned for it, but the time you spend making excuses for why you should've won is time you're not spending getting better at the game so that you don't lose. If you're going to complain about losing, go figure out how to stop losing instead.

Forum specific rules:

Every board has its own rules:
These rules are posted as stickied threads at the top of the board. Please read these threads so that you know what is expected of you. Not reading the rules does not excuse you from needing to follow them.

Keep your posts on-topic:
Feel free to contribute your ideas to a thread, but please keep those ideas relevant to the topic itself. If your post does not actually add anything to the discussion, it likely be marked as useless and you'll likely receive an infraction. It's generally not hard to add to a discussion: chances are, if you can write more than two sentences on the topic without copying someone else's post, then you're probably contributing.

Your post is useless if no one can read it:
Please take time to proofread your posts to make sure that the spelling and grammar are correct. If your post is unreadable, it can't possibly be contributing. You have as much time as you want to write whatever you want to get across, so please take that time to ensure that what you want to get across can actually be understood.

Also please think about what you're trying to accomplish if you want to use additional styling or use smileys:
Originally Posted by Example
nO OnE wIlL sToP yOu FrOm usInG AtTRoCiOuS FoRmAtTiNg BuT No ONE WaNtZ to ReAd It EiThEr

Overusing these features, as such, generally makes people not want to read any part of your post.

General rules:

Respect other members:
It should go without saying, but regardless of when a person joined, what belt a person has, what rank a person has, or what fancy colored username a person has, they are still a person. Don't scam them, don't try to ruin their fun, don't try to give them a hard time.

If you report something, report it and move on:
If you report a post, don't post to say that you reported it. If you report a player, don't bother telling them you reported them. If you report a scam, don't make a big deal of it to the whole world. If you notice that your report isn't being taken care of, please feel free to report the issue again, or to bump the original report.

Absolutely don't post sexually explicit, gore, or intentionally shocking materials:
You'll be banned. Don't. This includes links to, images of, or similar.

Don't post warez or pirated material:
You'll be banned. Don't discuss how to pirate things either, please.

This is not everything you could be banned for:
While all of these points are rules, these are not all of the rules. Please refer to the FAQ board's rule index for a far more comprehensive list. Please note that you can be banned for things that aren't listed even in that index if you're making the game worse for others.

You got banned but it wasn't your fault?:
Please post a ban appeal on the forums with your banned account. Please note that siblings are generally not an accepted excuse for bad behavior. If your brother/sister/neighbor/cousin/dog plays Toribash on your account, you are responsible for what they do. Don't let other people use your account.
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