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Here you can ask anything replay related. Definitions of terms, how to get better etc, etc. Anyone can ask something and we'll try to help you.

P.S You can also go to the discord channel if you'd like to ask something.

P.P.S You don't have to be in ORMO to post in this thread!
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how to hack? change pos, add momentum and stuff? want to make some funny replays for the video
DeeJayy741 watch fight movies :3
You do not have to be in ORMO to post in this thread.

Stop being a lazy turd.

Veliar: What do you mean by changing 'momentum'?
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DeeJayy741, what I tend to do is just open up Toribash a few times a day and screw around for at least 5 minutes. If in those 5 minutes I make a pretty cool opener, I see if I can follow it up with something and make it a proper replay. Of course, you can always set yourself challenges as well, such as replicating a real life move, performing a certain attack or just seeing how much you can obliterate Uke.

Veliar, I think this thread might be helpful for you.

Edit: Added what Marco said to the first post for clarity.
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So Deejayy, what I do is go into the replays section or the ormo replay thread, go to a random page, go to some random thread, and watch the old replays. If I find an opener I like, I steal it, make my own replay, and no one can tell that I stole the opener :DD
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How do I know if the position of an opener is a good one to work one, i.e. is in an easy position to maintain momentum and attack?
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With my openers, I usually start low down and with my pecs/chest/hips all poised in one direction, and then I just move them all in the opposite direction to create the speed. of course there's other stuff I do to edit the precision etc.
[19:39] <Birdflu> I'm just sad that I can't give myself one
[19:39] <Birdflu> I'd have a great time
Once you have done a destructive attack with an opener and you want to mke a followum grabbing uke to steady what's remaining of him, where is the best part to grab him?