Typically good stuff Splinter. Glad to see your still enjoying SP. Dont remember you enjoying damaging yourself in your replays as much as this though.
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I do most of my replays with self damage on just in case I get a good oppurtinity for a skeet DM or something.

I don't really care about how many points I get or how much damage I take, as long as the replay looks just as good it's fine with me.
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I'm going to start posting a bunch of tributes to some of my favourite replay makers, they might not be that similair to the person I had in mind but hey. Atleast I'm trying my best. I'm starting this of with a tribute to sprytryne, and I really only had one thing in mind. Boom it.

And remember, cool people comment.
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#Splinter - A - Sprytryne.rpl (156.7 KB, 107 views)
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I absolutely love your distinctive style, your booms are just so great. The first one was pure sex and the second one was awesome as, I don't need to say keep up the good work cos all your replays are destructive and entertaining
Man, that's just great!

dem huge and lovely boomhits made me jizz. Hawt stuff bro.
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Really enjoyed this replay.
The two hits were pretty fast and the transiction was really good made.
It makes me remember of ''Mr Beast'', dunno why ;)
Overall Great replay as always. Keep it up.
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Based on my knowledge of sprytryne, limited as it may be, this seems to be a fine tribute. First dm's were my fav, love moves that flow through multiple joints unassisted. Second dm's finished the replay nicely, short and sweet.

Is there a term for a boom that is created from a grab? As opposed to a boom 'unassisted' - such as the first boom in this replay. I have always felt there should be a distinction there. For example, im in the habit of calling skeets created using myown hand 'shuriken's' and skeets created using a piece of uke plain old skeets. For the puposed of posting I call them all skeets. Same can be said for the head hitting the ground first. Tad off topic :/
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Epic booms there, just like in sprys replays.

First kick was epic, and second was just perfect 9.5/10 just because I have been giving too many 10's lately.
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Yeah it's awesome. Also Splinter you should do what I do, have self damage off, make a madman and if you want to skeet, make the skeet then open it up in notepad and change the command to turn self damage on.