3 way between internet, Bisonic and Pusga.
One hour to make a replay.
Attached are the 3 replays.

internet's dopesmoking replay was nice a fluid. The starter was obviously what you do when you can't think of anything. Rotate one way and extend a glute. The movement was nice but I can't decide whether I like the momentum switch for the back kick. Also it's a significantly shorter replay than the others. General Movement was on point, fluid as usual.

Bisonic's one hour replay felt bisonic-y. The starter was nice but there were periods of no real movement that made the replay feel stuttered. The actual hit seemed like it had difficulties coming to fruition but I liked it because it was a little bit different.

pusga's vagina replay also felt pusga-y but it did feel rushed. The flailing was kinda nice to watch, even though every replay making bone in my body says it shouldn't. Starter was unorthodox. Skeet at the end for a wee bonus.

So the decision is...

/me drumroll


gratz cunt

gg wp, glad i didn't pipe up and get involved cos I would've got absolutely bodied
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