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Minibash 0.4
We are beta testing a new flash game for the forum and iPhone.

Changes in 0.4
- Removed aging training restrictions
- Faster loading of game (assets have been made external from the game)
- FPS increase
- added sound for versus screen
- fix for custom torso color
- fixed menu button unpausing replay
- prevent long leg mods

The game is still under development, if you have suggestions for improvement post in this thread or join us on (/join #minibash)

When the game hits 1.0 I will probably reset the accounts to a fresh start.
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Awesome, some minor changes but still an awesome update

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omg thank god for the FPS increase. thats half the reason i quit ;/ (and the limit thingy)
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Oh yeah, that aging training limit annoyed me :|
Thank god that feature got removed. Keep up the good work, guys!
And the versus screen music is pretty funny I've misheared "cupcake" thing in it xD
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Gosh it loads so much faster now ty.
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This is probably the best idea you had hamps,
it's like, now people don't have to download the game.
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