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Classic Modding Template/Resource : Attachment 601968

Mod template with classic gamerules, all default tori modification values explicitly stated, and all non-static (flag 0) compatible objects pre-spawned. Also includes all volume and mass calculations for bodyparts (rounded to four digits), body and environment flags, and gamerules flags stated. The first of every sort of object explicitly states all parameters it is compatible with; all objects after that are streamlined as much as possible.

This modfile is primarily to streamline the text-editor modding process, as well as to provide text-editor-visible resources to assist modmakers, although it is also importable to save from having to spawn all sixteen non-statics at the beginning of the modding process.

Balance System : Attachment 287752

Most people have played or seen a mod with a balance system before. It was a concept first proposed by Skazz and subsequently, I developed the first balance system for 49realtoriboxing.tbm. (first mod uploaded to the mod uploader) Usually people think it works by using heavier feet but this is not the case.

The balance system uses opposing thrusts to keep the player upright. By placing upward thrust on the player's upper body and downward thrust on the player's lower body, the body will always straighten out when tilted at any degree.

This effect allows for the player to move efficiently without focusing on balancing with a variety of applications. (Sports, Parkour, Sparring or other realistic fighting mods)

I've attached a balance system mod tool to the post (MTBalance.tbm). It is a balance system which is configured for -35 gravity. Unlike most systems, it allows for excellent balancing without restricting freedom to the player, which should be useful for anyone who wants to apply it to their mod.

Keep in mind that a balance system must be configured when the gravity is changed. It becomes weaker as gravity increases and stronger as gravity decreases.
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Could somebody post a list of all the possible variables that can be used on joints, all that can be used on body parts, and all that can be used on atmosphere.

ie stuff like sides, radius and force and velocity.
And could the person try to explain what each variable does.
in the toribash/data/mod folder.

Only registered users btw.
i am making a mod where u get 2 dagger looking things how do i make them spin when i move the wrists? i would appreciate it if u could tell me so i dont have to suffer anymore...
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How do i activate a mod?

cuz im kinda new to Toribash.

Read above questions.

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are there any new modding options in version 2.7


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i am making a mod where u get 2 dagger looking things how do i make them spin when i move the wrists? i would appreciate it if u could tell me so i dont have to suffer anymore...

Look at handsaw mod.

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Who made the Jeet Kun Do mod? I must know!

Absolutely no idea.

The mode might have been Dikarika's though.
Squad Squad Squad lead?
The standardization of Toribash Squad roles may have gone too far!